Random Friday

You probably know that this year the “best foreign movie” Oscar went to an Italian, La grande bellezza, which I haven’t seen because I wasn’t interested in the first place (but I know it came out in cinemas, while my friends were like “Did it ever come out in theaters or what?” “YES, last year, the Oscars are for movies that came out the previous year, doh!”).

Anyhow, I gathered comments. The newsagent lady saw only a bit and then gave up because it was boring. The hairdresser had a discussion with a client who loved it, but she switched channel and watched Fantastic Four instead! My colleague said he recorded it, but hasn’t watched it yet. They tell me it’s very Fellinian – which is why it won the Oscar, IMHO. Americans love Fellini.

I don’t care. Never watched his movies and won’t watch this one either. But I’m happy it won because it does feature Rome. 21st century Rome. My dear Yankees, you are stuck with an idea of Rome that is very 1950s. Roman Holiday, La Dolce Vita… we don’t live like this anymore, sorry. So I hope this movie shows you the real Rome – although nobody will ever bother to show you the suburbs and anything newer than the center of the town, but that’s another story.

Yesterday I also visited the non-catholic cemetery, where I had never been before. It’s behind the pyramid, and it’s a nice place to spend a nice sunny-but-cold afternoon. I got myself 90+ photos (mostly of angels, but also of gorgeous young men – sometimes with wings, LOL) and these souvenirs…

cemetery souvenirs_resizeI already mentioned Keats is my favorite poet because of his sonnet “When I have fears” – although I have long outlived him, sometimes that fear of not managing to write down all the stories comes back… (no, 2million published words and a few million more still unpublished are not enough, LOL)

Smashwords Read an E-book Week ends tomorrow, so hurry! Have a great weekend!

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