Writer Wednesday

Blog visits had dropped in December and January, but February they were back at 2012 stats. 2013 has been the best, but somehow things changed when I hit the box for turning off comments on posts more than 30 days old. Still don’t know if those visitors were spambots or what.

Anyway, February was also good for sales, in spite of being a short month: 15 books on Amazon.it (yep, the Star Minds series in Italian), 2 on Amazon.com, 4 on Kobo, 5 on Apple and 1 on DriveThruFiction. Now that the e-book week is in full swing, there might be a few more sales, albeit at discounted rates (still $$ that go on the Smashwords account, so maybe in April I’ll get paid again, since I’ve reached the minimum treshold, LOL).

By the way, I’ve already recommended the Amaranthine series by Joleene Naylor, and she’s doing a sale during e-book week. Check her books, vampire stories with the right amount of sex and gore – i.e. not for teenagers or younger readers, LOL! Go grab yours – Shades of Gray was out long before the more famous 50 shades came out… And I’m looking forward to book 6 – although I admit even for book 5 I haven’t read the final version yet. Maybe I should go and grab it now… but I’m actually procrastinating for when I’ll have time to do an Amaranthine-marathon and read all the books in one shot! 😀

Now I will have to work on my Kobo Writing Life dashboard as soon as I can. Please check this article on how to maximize your sales at Kobo. I’m thinking of trying the pre-order thingy either for the Italian editon of Star Minds Snippets or Amazon Spring, for which I already have a placeholder file. I’m keeping the article for future reference anyway! 🙂

I have submitted my rejections story to Cairn Press. If you’d like to share your rejections stories, here’s the call for submission. If they reject me, I’ll use that short rant into the void in October, when I’ll be off for a couple of weeks and will have to schedule the posts well in advance! 😉

Kris Rusch’s discoverability series continues… I do only Facebook and Goodreads because it’s the only places where I have fun. I was on Facebook as a person before indie publishing (it’s a good way of keeping track of friends scattered all around the world) and I opened the author page when Facebook was still something else. In fact it was still called a “fan page”. I mostly send this blog posts there through networked blogs and sometimes share other writerly links.

On Goodreads I joined a few groups, but I’m active mostly in the smaller ones. Like the Smashwords Authors group. Soon I’ll feature this month’s author, since we have the “Author of the month” feature. As soon as she replies to my writerly questions, she’ll be on this blog! 🙂 Otherwise I’m mostly quiet (or totally absent for the bigger groups, but I had to join for one reason or another)…

My beta-reader for Saif’s Legacy requested a sequel, so I’m thinking about it. Might become a trilogy of novellas – Assassins Guild of Silvery Earth – but even if I love those characters, I don’t know what else  can happen to them. I’m starting to gather ideas for story #2 but #3 is still unfocused in the future, LOL!

I’ll change the cover of Technological Angel (as soon as Cristina delivers), but in the meantime I’m asking you: should I change also the Shooting Star cover and put the Italian edition version? I kinda like mine, since it’s one of the first drawings of Kol-ian I did way back in 2002, but if you think Silvano’s art is better, I’ll change it… Please vote in the comments – original or Italian version?

SMshootingstarBlogThis weekend I’m back to writing in English, so stay tuned for more writerly news! Have a great week! 🙂

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