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15yearsDTCAnd it’s out! A collection of my doodles or comics or vignettes or whatever you want to call them! Since it’s a big fat file full of JPGs, it’s out only on Amazon and DriveThruComics. The POD version will come out later this year with DTC (when I manage to finish SKYBAND and do the third and last Omnibus).

My Italian friends are already claiming the Italian version… I don’t know when I’ll have time to translate everything, though. I haven’t even finished lettering Fleur de Lys (I sold one copy of each on Amazon UK)… I mean, I kinda like the fact that I’m selling something in my mother tongue, but I still prefer writing in English, especially comics and fantasy! 😉

Anyway, I hope to finish translating the Snippets next week at the latest, so I can go back to The Hooded Man and then send it off to Writers of the Future. Then I’ll have to write some Amazon stories if I want to issue something new in English this summer! 😀 I will also write More Tales of the Southern Kingdoms before the end of the year, as well as Star Minds The Next Generation.

As for B.G.Hope… we’ll see. Still mulling over the last body switch. Flash of scenes but not much else, so I’m not ready to write it, yet. Not in a hurry – if I can’t find a storyline, I’ll translate some M/M romance just to have something out under my other pen-name. But since it’s Loncon year, I’d rather concentrate on my main pen-name, for when I’ll meet my fans, LOL!

Now, the writerly links! Wow, David Farland is no longer cautiously optimistic about the future of publishing! He’s finally excited by all the new opportunities for writers – something that wouldn’t have happened in the 20th century, when I started writing! So lucky you starting off today, just go for it! 😀

You could start with IndieReCon – already in progress at this time, but it’s still on until tomorrow. Then hop off and sign up for an online workshop with Dean Wesley Smith. And don’t forget to follow Kris Rusch’s Thursday business posts, the latest being on social media. Now you know why I don’t feel the need to go on Twitter – not my target audience anyway, haha! 😉

More: Joe Konrath vs James Patterson. And Mark Coker’s comments on Hugh Howey’s initiative. If you’re indie published, don’t forget to take the survey at authorsearning.com. And then help other writers, at whichever point of your career you are. I don’t do reviews anymore, but if I read something terrific, I will mention it, or interview the author or have him/her over – nobody can market your book like yourself! 😉

And by the way, Smashwords authors have published 10billion words – and I’m one of them! 😉 From January 2011 to February 2014 I’ve published 68 titles, approx. 2006200 words (two-million-and-change, sorry, can’t write the numbers the American way, LOL), so 0,02% of the grand total – and that’s not counting the comics, only a couple of which are on Smashwords, most of them are on DriveThruComics.

Since we’re playing with numbers: 18 titles are under 10K; 24 are 10-30K (novellas); 22 are 30-90K (novels) and only 2 are over 100K, it’s the Star Minds trilogy or complete series in both Italian and English (the single books are 50K+30K+30K approx.)! So you know my average/favorite length is somewhere between 10k and 80k – not too short, but not too long either! 😉

Now I better go back to work… sort of, since I’m at DayJob at this time… probably like this…25022014smallHave a great week! 🙂

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  1. Wow! What an accomplishment 🙂 You must be very proud of yourself.


    • Not to be immodest, but… yes, I am! 😀 I’m also exhausted, though, so I’m still human, LOL!



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