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Some Bolly-movie reviews (sort of)!


A drama, much like The Dirty Picture. Seems like those heroines can either have love or fame, not both. What applied also to writing was the bit when she asks her PR “Am I a good actress?” as if that mattered so much, and the PR answers “You’re a star” – so again, you can’t be both. Either you’re a writer/actor or you’re a star. I don’t agree, but whatever! 🙂 And Arjun Rampal was gorgeous as usual, haha! *drool*

Chennai Express

A comedy, with half the dialogs sung since it’s their way of communicating among Tamil-speaking people… very funny, and north-meets-south kind of comedy. If only King Khan stopped choosing heroines 20 years younger than him… talk about Peter Pan sindrome… 😉

A comment that has nothing to do with the movie itself: since we’re talking about the Hindi Film Industry (since Bollywood is sometimes used in a derogatory fashion! 😉 Or so they say in Luck by Chance, haha), I’d love if the ENGLISH subtitles specified what language is actually spoken. I can’t tell Hindi from Urdu from any other language or dialect, and was baffled when SRK said on the phone that “She doesn’t speak Hindi” – not to mention I had no idea she spoke Tamil until they started joking about his bad Tamil.

Same happened in Ra.One, when Kareena says “Your Urdu is bad” – hadn’t realized they were speaking Urdu. But since in Chennai Express at some point the subtitle says “Maharati”, it came as less of a surprise when he says “Oh, she speaks Maharati too!”. So, dear subtitlers of HINDI movies, please specify if another language is spoken, thank you! 🙂 I’m aware India has hundreds of languages and dialects, but whoever is unfamiliar with them, can’t really tell the difference… One final note on subtitles: whoever subtitles smaller productions should learn English first. The subtitles on the next movie were almost confusing – glad I could understand the story anyway!

Heyy Babyy

I wanted to see that because the premise sounded like Trois hommes et un couffin – and it was a remake. I’m very fond of the French original (I think I’ve seen the American remake once), and was curious to see the Bollywood take on the idea of three men stuck with a baby. The original was more realistic, this one a lot more slapstick, but well… it was fun. Vidya Balan is always sweetly great and Akshay Kumar should stop doing slapstick, but I already said that (and maybe he has, so I’ll stop complaining). And pity the Full Monty reference is in the end credits and only half of the screen (although we saw Akshay play the stripper – kinda – in Desi Boyz)! 🙂 SRK guest star.

No Entry

Wasn’t on my list, but came on the same DVD as Heyy Babyy. A comedy with married couples, one very faithful husband/paranoic wife, the other latin lover husband/trustful wife and then there’s the third man who also gets married, but there’s the fourth woman who messes up everything. Whatever… I mean, it’s funny, but you need to like the genre (and the actors involved – I didn’t like any, haha)! 😉

That’s all for this week! Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. I guess that bit about not being both is not universally true, but specifically in Indian context, it often is. Most stars that you see in Bollywood today are star kids or they come from the old well-entrenched Bollywood families. Most Indian actresses can’t act and their dialog delivery is pathetic. There are however a few exceptions…Vidya Balan is among the ones who really can act…others can’t even cry convincingly…something that every Bollywood actress should be adept at. So the remark about the heroine being a star was right.

    Sorry, couldn’t stop myself from rambling…I’ve seen the movie, so I just had to 🙂


    • My comment was on Kareena Kapoor’s real life experience, it was a generic trend that I’ve seen in Bolly-movies about women, and I guess it applies to other areas of women’s lives as well. As for real acting skills… Muse #1 is always told he can’t act, so… I’m not commenting on that! 😀


  2. Kareena Kapoor wouldn’t be in Bollywood if she didn’t belong to a specific “Kapoor” family…the First Family of Bollywood. She wouldn’t have gotten past the screen test. That face wouldn’t work in India at all. But when she was launched there was nobody else. Aishwarya had already been around for some years and the newer girls (Deepika, Priyanka) weren’t there yet. So KK ended up becoming a heroine – she’s more idolized by women and not so much by men who drool over Bipasha (who definitely is a lot more curvaceous and beautiful in an Indian way.) So Kareena was an apt choice as the heroine of Heroine 🙂


  3. Oh…forgot to mention…Aishwarya had been around for a while before Ms. KK’s advent…so people wanted a different look. Their palates were jaded…note that one can even become indifferent to beauty and feel rejuvenated upon sighting something totally different even though it may not be as beautiful. Also note that I only spoke of beauty and not talent…Bollywood seldom makes women-centric movies and so the women actors really needn’t act 🙂


  4. I know KK is of a Bollywood family and not an outsider who broke in like SRK! 😉 And I’m NOT discussing acting skills, whether the person is from a movie-family (Holly/Bollywood) or an “outsider”, a man or a woman. I’m not an actress, so I won’t comment on that kind of skill or talent or whatever you want to call it! (many say Keanu and Hrithik can’t act either, that’s why I’m not going into that argument evah!) 😀



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