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Writerly updates: The Hooded Man is out to betas. I’m back to translating the Snippets. And waiting for the POD of Superdeformed Threesome Millennium to check I did the coloring right before I upload the whole 15 years to DriveThruComics. Spent the weekend working on the booklet my dad wants for his 50th anniversary… I had to save the images at lower resolution, though, since the doc kept crashing (it had reached 120MB, and wasn’t even complete…). And I will have to scan a few more family pics… but there’s still plenty of time!

Publisher updates: February started well, with new sales of Ciaran&Harith, on Amazon and Smashwords. And someone bought the third book of Star Minds in Italian – except my proofreader noticed a mistake (one planet name for another – it’s not in the English version, so I mixed them up in translation). I’ll have to make an announcement as soon as I manage to correct the doc.

I don’t know if people can download the revised version from Kobo or they have to stick with the version they first bought (I don’t even know how that works on Amazon, and I have a Kindle… but that’s why I prefer buying on Smashwords, I know I can download the newest version of a title if I feel so inclined!)…

Writerly links. Hugh Howey – most books don’t sell. I don’t sell as much as him, but I’m still happy for each new sale (first sale of February is from SMASHWORDS, yay! :D). Like he says

Most books don’t sell. Knowing this as a writer, how are you going to feel about publishing your book? One choice will have you turning to the next story with a smile on your face, disbelieving that you can make your works available for them to be discovered or not. The other choice is to give up in frustration, your expectations unmet. Are we free to choose between these two options? I like to think so. But first, we have to understand how difficult β€” how very nearly impossible it is to see the small good in the world. It takes effort. But it gets easier the more we try.

I’m catching up with the copyright classes at Writer-in-law. Fascinating stuff, even if not always applied to writing. But sometimes to art – it matches the posts by Colleen Doran about artists that copy/plagiarize from other artists. (Can’t find those posts too, so I’ll link to this copyright for artists). I do use photos for my covers, but as reference, not as they are. And I try not to copy from other artists. As for writing… well, I know there’s no copyright on ideas (or titles). And I like to make up my own stories! πŸ˜‰

Kris Rusch’s discoverability series talks about readers. What kind of reader are you?Β I have limited time, so I prefer short books and indie authors. My latest attempts at reading best sellers went “Meh”. I mean, I liked the Nora Roberts’ dead-tree book, but not enough to check more of her work. I still have dozens of other writers I want to try, so I won’t get back to her anytime soon! πŸ˜‰ And I like supporting other indies by buying their books – but no, don’t suggest me your book, I’ll buy it if and when I have the time to read it! πŸ˜‰

Have a great week!

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