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16012014I did this a couple of weeks ago, while I was still waiting for that proof on CreateSpace… it arrived, by the way, so Male Lovers of Silvery Earth is also in print now! 😉 What do you get in the printed version? A map! Yes, there’s a map of the world that covers all the stories! 😉 And the book is enrolled in the Matchbook program, so you get the Kindle version for FREE if you buy the paperback! What else do you want? 😉

Since I’ve had so many sales in January (less than 20 accross all platforms, but it’s more than December anyway), I’ve decided to lower also the other Matchbooks prices – so Star Minds Snippets Kindle version is FREE if you buy the paperback and Star Minds is only 1.99 instead of 9.99! Although I can’t find where they say it’s so, but that’s another story. Misteries of Mighty Zon. Can’t figure out Matchbook even if I tried.

I plan on doing a sale of Technological Angel when I get the new cover (I saw the sketch, and it’s darn good). I might submit it to Pixel of Ink for the 99cent sale. When I have the new cover, so I don’t know yet if it’s next month or March. And I’ll keep Kris Rusch’s post on pricing printed and close at hand for future reference. As for books in bookstores, I think my 3 PODs with CreateSpace have that 2$ margins (they’re definitely all on B&N), so… we’ll see! 🙂

Now soon the Amazon Breakthrough Novel Award Contest will open. And since I do have a CreateSpace account, I might give it a try.  The first editions didn’t allow foreign contestants, so it’s a huge improvement. So I’m considering it. But.

1) which novel do I send?

2) what are the chances of winning with adult unconventional fantasy or science fantasy with GLB characters?

3) I know it’s free to enter, but is it worth preparing the pitch, the extract, etc – or WIBBOW?

4) has anyone read the publishing contract that must be signed “as is”? Is it good (or at least author-friendly)?

5) should I do it or not???

Now one last writerly update: I’m done with The Hooded Man Draft Zero (longhand). While retyping, I’ll adjust the plot and characterization. I’ve always done the bones first and then added the meat, and inspiration comes when writing, so I did have to pour out that first draft, if I wanted to see it written.

I’m experimenting, since for the first time I have only one point of view (third person immersed), so it was tricky at first to figure out how to tell the story only from the protagonist’s eyes. I’m reading a novel by Nora Roberts right now, and she uses omniscient, like Danielle Steele. And I stopped using it because everybody said “it’s out!” and “no head-hopping!” and now I see it wasn’t completely true. Sigh. Those publishing myths Dean Wesley Smith keeps debunking… I’m glad I had already lots of written words under my belt when I head about them! 😉

Anyway, I had fun trying something different. I hope to go through that first draft today, then I’ll let it settle for a few days and reread it before sending it out to beta-readers.

Now I’ll go back to translating the Snippets… but I’ll probably intersperse them with More Tales of the Southern Kingdoms, so you can have another anthology before the summer – with a few titles coming out on their own and the rest all bundled together (unless I manage to do covers for every single story). Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. If I had a collection of novels like you do, I’d enter the contest within the blink of an eye, but all I have is a text and that cannot be mistaken for a novel by any stretch of imagination 😦 But I think you should. Here’s why. 1. You’ve got many books that qualify. 2. You are eligible. 3. It’s free.
    Enough reasons, if you ask me 🙂


    • LOL!
      My problem is too much choice. I don’t know which one is the best or better represents my writing or… well, you get the point. Indecision. And I’m not sure I’m mainstream enough to bother to enter.
      But I have two more weeks to make up my mind, so we’ll see! 🙂


  2. I echo the sentiments in the cartoon :p My sales are miserable…

    I have no idea about the amazon breakthrough contest. I’ve looked into it a couple times but then always decided to give it a miss since i write “cheesy” vampires… i did do a cover for someone who made a finalist – didn’t win – and she had literary fiction, which is what I get the feeling they want but don;t take my word for it since I have not really researched.


    • I know what you mean. I also write unconventional fantasy, so even if they have the SFF section, I don’t think I’d fit in…



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