Random Friday

Okay, total randomness. I couldn’t watch many movies because one day I had an aching eye (again!) and another day I had to prepare for Dear Nephew’s b-day – which is tomorrow. So here’s how I spent one afternoon (hence after dinner I went back to writing instead of watching a movie):

IMG_8778The movies I did watch are Singh is Kinng – courtesy of the shopkeeper in Southall who was obviously a Sikh, so I assume this comedy has the seal of approval of the Sikh. It’s not a religious movie and it’s very funny indeed (a tad too slapstick sometimes, but well… that’s why I don’t like when Jim Carrey does comedies! 😉 So, Akshay, quit the goofing!).

On Saturday I watched Man of Tai Chi. Luke Skywalker, anyone? 😉 That poor Tai Chi master looked very much like Yoda when he stared at his student… The angry young man had some real anger issues! 🙂 I’m not a fan of martial art movies, but I do watch them, and I think it was okay. I’m not an expert, though! I read a review that said that it’s on par with House of Flying Daggers – uhm, no, sorry, you can’t compare. But I like it as much as I liked than Danny The Dog (just to stick to a contemporary world story and clandestine fights), no, wait, I prefer it, since Keanu is such a great villain! 🙂

Then I watched Lezioni di Cioccolato 2, but unlike the first, it doesn’t have English subtitles. Anyway, just another Italian comedy, although the romance is now between latin lover Mattia and Kamal’s daughter (a modern egyptian gal). I must say I like Luca Argentero, he’s become a fine actor in spite of coming out of a reality show! 😉

It was total randomness even in movies, since so far I have 1 Bollywood, 1 Hollywood/China and 1 Italian… and last night I watched a non-Bollywood Indian movie – as usual suggested by Shafali – Paan Singh Tomar. An interesting movie – not sports, not war, but a little bit of all, dedicated to the unsung Indian sportsmen.  Nice, thanks for the suggestion, Shafali! 😉

Artworks: next subject didn’t come out as well as the previous one, but here they are, both on my wall…

IMG_8777Took me only two hours and a half instead of three and a half, and it shows. Meh. Will have to find another picture and try again. I did this on Sunday – after watching the movie! 😉 Oh, and please ignore the stuffed unicorns… it’s only the two small ones (of the five in the family of Lady Unicorn, here!)! 😉

That’s all for today! Have a wonderful weekend!

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