Writer Wednesday

I wanted to announce a POD, but looks like CreateSpace didn’t send out the book at all, and now they’re  sending me a replacement copy. I sure hope someone at the POD place is enjoying my book. Sigh. Working with them is really a pain, glad I’ll use them only for the English titles (so just this one in the first 6 months). They work fine for Americans, but the rest of the world… Lulu is better, sorry. If you don’t use any of the overpriced service both sell, that is.

I’ve published an Italian ebook, and tried to do like Kris Rusch suggests in her discoverability post, but since Amazon has taxes over the price of the book, it just won’t work. Even when I’m not logged in (or check through Author Central) I don’t see my e-books on the Kindle Store with the price assigned, but always a few cents more. So… pricing in US$ all over the world.

The only place where I put two pricing is Kobo, since my account is in euros. I make sure the $price matches Amazon and Smashwords, though, or I think they’d price-match like Amazon does. DriveThru, D2D & Smashwords have only $ (for the two who distribute to Apple, Sony and B&N for us non-Americans), therefore the Apple stores will have prices translated from $. And XinXii is priced in euro (so slightly more expensive – but I’m not selling anything there, not even through their expanded distribution).

Monday afternoon after a last check at Japanese Fighting Monks by Stephen Thurnbull (who was a consultant on 47 Ronin, I have a pic of him & Keanu, haha!) I started writing the new story. Enough procrastinating by redoing the cover 4 times, there are things that will come up only when I write. Like David Farland says in his Daily Kick

Ideas and characters and plot twist and cool word choices seem almost to get poured into your brain (…)

and inspiration comes from writing, not musing about a story! 😉 Read his whole piece – I’ve known a lot of tortoise writers who never finished a story because they couldn’t write that perfect sentence and move on…

And if you still think “I want to write but I don’t have time!”, here’s Moira Allen’s advice (which goes well with the previous article by David Farland – see how he found the time to write?).  IMHO, if you love doing something, you’ll always find the time. I don’t have such a busy schedule, since DayJob is part time (but still takes half of the day with commuting and eating), but sometimes I have problem deciding what I want to do – write or draw?

I seem to find time for both, though. Currently I am typing at DayJob (slow week) in the mornings, writing longhand in the afternoon and to have breaks between sessions, I’m coloring the comic I did in December. And still find the time to watch a movie after dinner to give my poor hand a rest. Okay, I’m single – well, I’m married to Mr Writing, but this doesn’t mean I don’t cheat on him with Mr Drawing and Mr Movies! 😉

Fake bestseller controversy and how Amazon actually works explained by David Gaughran. Now if only some media picked any of my titles and made it a bestseller that way, LOL! One last story – a publisher from hell by Colleen Doran. That’s another quite stupid writer, but well… there’s plenty of those, or scammer would have vanished! 😉 Have a great week!

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