Sunday Surprise

… or birth of a portrait with colored pencils. I thought I’d do some kind of visual WiP of this one, since I did a couple of variations on the original picture. Namely, shaved the subject and added a tear. So here’s after one hour what it was like – note the two pics, one needed for the tear (sorry, not going to draw John Abraham anytime soon! 😉 But I loved the teary pic, so I downloaded and it turned out to be useful).

1hourI started working on this around 5.30pm on Hrithik’s b-day. Here’s after two hours, still working with both pictures. Why the variations? First, I don’t like facial hair, I’ve drawn enough of it on Keanu who never shaves off the set. I have done almost 300 drawings of him in 13 years, but I’ve done only 25 of Hrithik so far, so it was a little trickier to do.

2hoursWhy the tear? Because the upper face with its striped forehead looks sad, but then the mouth slightly smiles, so… It’s a tear of relief, OK? 😉 I took a break to have dinner, then went back to work. Three hours – done, albeit without background. That’s all I could do on his b-day. It was a Friday of a lousy DayJob week, after all! 😉

2014bday3hrs_resizeOn Saturday, I went back to work on it. Digital background (five minutes). I decided to make it red instead of my usual blue that looks like a starry sky.

2014bday3hrsDigital_resizePencil background and final touches (half an hour).

2014bdayFinal_resizeThe final drawing is also available on DeviantART. If you enjoyed this, I might do another with a digital painting, although I’m still very bad at using levels in Photoshop. Have a wonderful Sunday! 😀

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  1. That’s a beaututiful portrait!


  2. Um, yeah, I can’t spell … BEAUTIFUL! There you go. 🙂


    • I read quickly and didn’t even notice the typo until you pointed out at it, LOL! 😀


  3. Beautiful work, Barb. 300 portraits of Keanu?!!! I get bored drawing any face twice. You must be in love with him.


    • Obsessed, Shafali. Obsessed is the correct word. Besides, since I’m an artist (not with capital A) and I get better with practise, I like using always the same faces – even in comics and graphic novels! 😉



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