Random Friday

While waiting for my two DVDs, I thought I’d get on with that DVD pile that’s been sitting on my table since November. I’m kinda tired of not watching movies, so I’m doing a movie week marathon, or better, I’ll start watching movies after dinner every other day again. I also bought some Italian DVDs last Sunday, but since they don’t have English subtitles, I probably won’t “review” them.

Now, to the Bollywood pile! 😉 WAQT… meh. Too many songs even for me. If I say “enough is enough”, there were probably one too many! BUT if you like melodrama or dramedy, check it out. Also if you like Priyanka, Akshay or Big B, of course. And if you’re a man – I was the wrong target for this movie, LOL! Now, if some female director shot the mother/daughter version… hear me Zoya Akhtar or Gauri Sindhe? 😉

Then Zoya’s twin Fahran’s version of Don with King Khan. Highly recommended for lovers of action and heist movies – Bollywood style, of course. You never know who’s really who in this movie, and they need flashbacks to show you what actually happened. Nice. Some weird-looking transitions, but they weren’t too bad for an action movie! 😉

Don 2 is a sequel, and not better than the first (like Dhoom 2 compared to the first – ahem, no, I’m not biased, it’s just that Aryan is too good looking, LOL), in spite of the special appearance. I don’t know why they decided to bring back a negative hero. The original Don with Big B. has no sequels. Anyhow, still action/heist, if that’s your favorite genre… But even the songs were less catchy! 😦

I tried to watch Ishkq in Paris, but it was a pirated DVD and there were no English subtitles, so I used the FF button a lot. Preity is always very pretty and Isabelle Adjani is perfect as her mother, but I don’t think I’ll end up buying a copy with subtitles (maybe I’ll learn Hindi first – NOT! 😉 If I can find a cheap version with subtitles, I’ll get it, since there’s Paris… but it’s probably not my cup of tea!). So that’s all for this week… more next time!

My order is half here. I got one yesterday but want to watch it during the weekend. The second is on its way, we’ll see if it arrives today or I have to go to the post office tomorrow to claim it, LOL! Have a wonderful weekend!

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