Random Friday

Art Friday AND someone’s birthday, so…

Aapko Janamdin mubaraq ho, Hrithik!

(with special thanks to Shafali, since my Hindi still sucks).

Last drawing of 2013 (this is the version with the digital background – for the original, go to DeviantART):

2013for2014digital_resizeHere’s to a very happy birthday, Hrithik, and don’t worry, life starts at 40! 😉

So, it’s official I have two muses – see my first order of the year? 😉

Muses2014Probably both will arrive next week… hopefully… who knows… AHEM! Where was I! Oh, yes, Art Friday. Okay, the first drawing of 2014 wasn’t as good as the last of 2013, but well… it’s because my hairdresser hadn’t cut my bangs yet, so I couldn’t see properly! (See how good I am at finding excuses? 😉 Yes, I’m very creative…)

2014firstCut_resizeTook me less than 3 hours, and it shows. Meh. I’ll do better next time.

Now, since it’s Art Friday and some of you might want to learn to draw… caricatures, please note that my dear friends Shafali has published an excellent e-book on how to do it. Check Evolution of a Caricaturist on Amazon.com (or your own Amazon shop if you have any)! 🙂

BTW, Shafali, still waiting for Birthday Boy caricature (might put a smile on his face as well), when you have time… I want to put it next to Keanu’s! 😉 Have a great weekend, everyone! 😀

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  1. I am not sure how happy he must be on this b’day, but the fact that you wished him in Hindi, should definitely lift his spirits 🙂 That and a caricature…it should be enough to make him smile…what do you think? Thanks so much for mentioning the book.


    • I can’t post anything on his FB page except as comment… and I don’t really want to post this whole blog post – I wanted to post a drawing with the sentence I did last year, but well…
      He’s not going to like the drawing I did on his b-day, ’cause in spite of the half smile, the upper part of the face looked sad, so I added a tear… more on that soon! 😉


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