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MaleLovers_resizeMale Lovers of Silvery Earth is now available on Kindle, B&N, Smashwords, DriveThruFiction and eventually Kobo and Apple. I’ve struggled with the CreateSpace template again – had to put back the italics to keep the formatting, like I did with the previous two, but now I’m waiting for the proof. I did less attempts with the cover template, since I found another way of doing it that took less tweaking (or I’m getting better at it).

What I don’t like of CreateSpace is that you can’t have a cart and buy one copy of all your books. You have to order proofs (max.5, who needs that many anyway) one by one, which means each book comes with it’s own mailing expenses. I wanted to order a final version of Star Minds Snippets, but now I’m wary, since I can’t order it along with the proof of Male Lovers. Maybe I’ll have to do a few more attempts in the CS dashboard before I become familiar with it – Lulu is definitely easier.

Anyhow – writing-wise, I’ve finished translating Star Minds in Italian, so maybe I’ll write a short story in English before starting with the Snippets translation. I have an idea wandering in my head, but I might need to solidify it more before I start writing. Da New Muse is already at work, sigh.

Writerly links of the week! 🙂  Kris Rusch’s discoverability part 5 – here’s a few more writer’s wisdom for you:

Because, in the arts, all we have is our individuality. The minute you try to do something the same way someone else did—from composing a story to choosing a genre to marketing your work—you’ve failed.

The first rule of being an artist is to be an artist.

What you’re creating is unique, because it’s yours. Your job as an artist is to always strive to tell your stories in your way. Who cares if fat fantasy novels are selling right now? Who cares if none of your friends read romance?

Write your books.

And always work to improve.

Actually, I wanted to highlight half the post, LOL! And then you have Dave Gaughran on marketing – I’m not really enjoying it, and I’m not doing any of the things others do, except hanging out on Goodreads. Maybe I should try BookBub or ENT (or maybe not, ENT, like Fussy Librarian, wants at least 10 reviews, and none of my books has that mani – and I’m told it’s not easy to get featured on BookBub), or buy his book “Let’s get visible”! 😉 Maybe I will put a marketing plan in this year’s resolution, or maybe not.  As usual, I’d rather be off writing.

How to keep your writing going for all 2014 by Dean Wesley Smith – in case you don’t have a routine yet. I do report to you guys, and I’m following idea #4 since 2012. Yep, I published approximately 25 titles per year since (although even my first year, 2011, was more than 20, even if they weren’t scheduled every two weeks like the following years). Might not all be in English, but well… still count as titles up! 🙂 And no, I never show WiPs, only the completed manuscripts! 😉

Joe Konrath’s publishing predictions for 2014 with Dean’s comments. I don’t know what will happen with the POD books – I know I’ve sold none so far, but I’ll keep offering the printed version for the longer works. I hope to get to the Oregon coast for another workshop and then there’s Loncon, where I might have a couple more panels and maybe bring a printed book or two. But that’s in 8 month, so plenty of time to think about it! 😉 By the way, if other SFF authors are going to London next August, get in touch with me and let’s talk about it! 😀

Have a great week!

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  1. Viv

     /  08/01/2014

    I sell a few paperbacks most months, enough to make it worthwhile to have them on offer. I’m also taking in some of The Wild Hunt to a shop in the next city, the owner of which is a friend, because the subject matter fits nicely with the overall theme of the shop. I don’t expect to sell many but it’s nice to have them out there. There is real pleasure in holding a physical copy of a book.
    I’m also hoping that once my illness is under control and I’ve had surgery, I’ll be well enough to face getting more books out. Not to mention finishing the ones I’m at various stages with. Realising there’s been a physical cause of my *block* is liberating, so with any luck, this year will be a good one.
    Best of luck, Barb. xx


    • I admit I haven’t tried the indie bookstores that sell English books in Rome (I won’t go to Feltrinelli International or Mel Bookstore since they’re chains and will probably never get indie books), but maybe this year I will.
      Here’s to a prompt recovery of your physical health and many sales to you! Hoping to meet you somewhere out there as well (like, if you happen to be in London in August, I don’t expect you to attend Loncon, but we could meet for a coffee! ;))


      • Viv

         /  08/01/2014

        Give me a date (roughly) and I’ll put it in my diary so I can try and get down for the day!


        • Loncon is 14-18th of August, but I hope to stay afterwards. As soon as I know I have the days off DayJob, I’ll send you an email! 😉



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