Random Friday

Let’s call it a reading post. I found this survey on Goodreads and at first was reluctant to do it, but then I started reading an unscheduled book, so I filled it in – except for the last question where I hope it’s clear I don’t give a shit about any of those, so I just put a diagonal line of dots because they wouldn’t close the survey if I didn’t answer that.

So I’ve read one last book half last year and half this year, quite quickly because I was having so much fun. I haven’t really finished it yet, since yesterday I re-read the next title coming out soon (and even found a couple of darn typos in the only unpublished/new  story), but I sure hope to finish it by Sunday! 😉

I don’t do reviews anymore, but I hope to interview the author soon, so you’ll get to know this gal’s sense of humor that is very similar to mine (i.e. different from the rest of the world – gotta love being an outsider!). It’s labelled YA (well, the protagonist is 15), but since it’s not your usual high school story, I really enjoyed it.

Now I really should go back to my TBR list on my Kindle… I just couldn’t quit that one after downloading a sample (that’s why I won’t even start on the other sample, or it will upset my reading schedule again, haha!)! 😉 Since December is a depressing month for me, a humorous book was just what I needed (as well as a short humorous comic of my own, hehe).

I spent New Year’s Eve yawning and listening to music, because I didn’t get any sleep in the afternoon – too busy drawing and typing and whatnot – and managed to get some sleep at 1am. I’ll post the results some other time. Since I plan on doing a lot more for my graphic novel this year, I’ll have to schedule the colored pencils drawings – no more than 2 a month! 😉

I started on the DVD pile as well, and watched English Vinglish. A lovely and touching story of (mis)communication also with loved ones. And it has New York. And for those of you (mostly Westerners) who hate item songs and Bollywood numbers, there’s none. Just songs like in a Hollywood movie.  So it’s recommended all over the world – especially to non-native English speakers! 🙂

My English is good, but sometimes I also got stuck (either because jet-lagged or otherwise tired) with people who kept repeating the same words that I didn’t understand, so I knew what  Shashi was going through. I love those multi-language movies (like Babel) and I’m glad the “love interest” was French, since there were no subtitles for the French lines. And for once they weren’t talking in two different languages and made sense, since they didn’t understand each other. But like a friend says, sometimes just listening to the sounds and tone of voice gives out much of the meaning without understanding the words.

Have a wonderful weekend – a long one in Italy, since Jan.6 is National Holiday, yay! 😀

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  1. Oh! I just took the survey, too. Some of those matrices were brutal…!


    • and they said “thank you for you feedback, the PDFs are on the way” but I haven’t seen anything yer – luckily, since my TBR pile never goes down! 😉


  2. Now I had to go do the survey :p your fault, LOL!



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