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I wanted to do a “year in review” for books and movies, but I don’t think I have much to say about movies, since I went to the cinema once (well, twice, but it was to watch the same movie) and I still haven’t started the DVD pile I got in London (and I even added to it with Xmas presents and other buys, sigh). So I’ll just make a reading year in review, since I deleted my Goodreads Reading Challenge sometimes at the beginning of the year (or at least in the first half), but I still think it’s worth to point which were my favorite books of 2013.

I’ve read 28 ebooks, 5 PODs and 5 manuscripts (+ my own manuscripts: 2 novel-length, 5 novellas and 5 shorts). Of the manuscripts, 2 have been published, 1 is the beta-reading I did for some Wyrd Words authors and 2 more, haven’t heard from the authors, so dunno if they’re out or not.

In order of reading, this is a list of the 5stars I have virtually given this year – anything lower won’t be listed! 😉

Ashes of Deceit (Amaranthine #5) – Joleene Naylor (that’s one of the titles I beta-read, so I haven’t read the final version, but I enjoy the series, so I know it can only get better when Jo decides to put it out there, LOL!)

Wickedly Charming – Kristine Grayson (hilarious POD that I bought way back in 2011 when I went to the Oregon Coast). Will have to check more of this series! 😀

Monarch by Michelle D Argyle (I waited for a long time because I feared it wouldn’t me my cup of tea. It was. I should trust my author friends more, even when they switch genres!)

Be my alien by M.A. Church (short and hot M/M erotica – if that’s your cup of tea, that is)

The lost gateway by Josephine L. Brooks (another author of Tim Flanagan’s Kindle SFF event last July – still have a few to read from that day)

1984 by George Orwell (yeah, I’m catching up with the classics… and we are living 1984, so it was creepy and cool at the same time) especially coupled with (non-fiction) Tales from the Time-loop by David Icke (who often refers to it)! 🙂

And the other title that I beta-read is Body Check by D.H.Hendrickson, out now on Amazon. If you’re a sports and romance buff, go get it now! 🙂

Following last year’s similar post, here’s the hopes of reading for 2014. This is currently my TBR list:

10 POD books (including Game of Thrones that I bought in London at least 2 years ago, and will probably never get to it because it’s a door-stopper!)

almost 40 books to read on my Kindle (including 13 non-fiction and 12 classics)

almost 40 books on my Smashwords library (a.k.a. wishlist)

25 books on my Goodreads “want-to-read” shelves (and no, they don’t overlap with Smashwords, I add there the books that are not available on SW)

My goal for 2014 is to at least finish what’s still to read on my Kindle, especially the fiction titles. Half the non-fiction and half the classics would be a good count too. So that’s about 25 books. I can do it! 😀

By the way, I just got a special offer: FREE steampubk short stories! Haven’t read them yet, but if you want, go grab them! 🙂

If you got an e-reader for Xmas, go get yourselves some of my books. If you don’t have a calendar for next year, gentle reminder I have 2 available, Keanu Reeves & Hrithik Roshan. Stay tuned for Barb’s adventures with those two (in my dreams, of course)! 😉 I’m not the best artist of the world, but the calendars will color your days! 🙂

See you next year! 😀

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  1. Thanks so much for the mention, and if you feel like beta reading number 6 it should be rolling around pretty soon (late jan or early feb)



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