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Merry Christmas! Yes, this is a scheduled post, but so are all the others, so don’t worry, I’m probably still in bed when this comes out (not because I’m asleep, but because I tend not to get out of bed before 9am, unless I have DayJob or an impending deadline! 😉 And neither are for today). As Xmas post, I’ll deal with this year’s sales – much like I did last year at some point. Get ready for the staggering numbers and wondrous amounts of money I have gathered this year! 😀

It all started with an email dated Dec.17:


We’d like you to know about an important update to your Kindle Direct Publishing (KDP) account. As of December 16, 2013, the minimum threshold amount has been removed for accounts selecting Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) as their payment method.* You will now be paid 60 days after the month your royalties are earned without needing to meet a minimum threshold amount prior to receiving payment.

You will receive an EFT payment from KDP for any royalties earned that were previously under the minimum threshold. To see if you have royalties awaiting payment, check your Royalty Reports at: http://kdp.amazon.com/self-publishing/reports

While there is no action necessary, you can review or update your EFT banking information by Amazon marketplace any time, by visiting the “Your Royalty Payments” section in your KDP Account at: http://kdp.amazon.com/account

Kind regards,

The Kindle Direct Publishing Team

Since, I’ve been receiving lots (well, 7) of emails from them. The last batch made me realize that I had 2 sales in 2012 I wasn’t aware of, one on Amazon.de and one on Amazon.es. And I thought I sold only on Amazon and Amazon UK (+ Amazon Italia since August)! 🙂 That’s a nice Xmas present, thank you, Mighty Zon. The highest amount paid by EFT is less than 50euros, the smallest being less than 50cents (of euros). I really should have framed that Amazon check I received last April, LOL!

Anyhow, sales for 2013! Welcome Kobo Writing Life (I joined November 2012, but it started making a difference in sales only this year)! Most of my Italian sales are on Kobo. The rest is split between Smashwords and Amazon.com. A little over 100 actual sales (not downloads, I mean sales, although half of the Smashwords sales are usually 50% off during the ebook weeks – still brought in a few cents or $).

KDP 24

SW 20 with 50%off, 14 full price

Other distributors 30 (KWL 18)

I can’t access KWL dashboard (it keeps telling me that they couldn’t load my December sales) and I might have a return on Apple (does Apple allow returns? I know I had one in December on Amazon.com, but Apple?), so that’s up to mid-December. I’m not counting the gifted copies and free downloads (4 of Technological Angel during the short sale).

I published 25+ new titles again, ranging from comics/graphic novels, to short stories, novellas, anthologies and novels. I now have 65 titles in the “My Books” folder on my Kindle Keyboard. Plans for next year, again, in January – that’s actually a nice New Year post, LOL!

Last writing links of the year – Kris Rusch on discoverability part 4 because she mentions how bad writers are on TV, which reminds me of Masterpiece (where you’d never see me) and the comment by a friend who said “It’s for those writers who are also entertainers/prima donna/outgoing (i.e. definitely not me). So I’ll just stick to my writing cave, and readers will find me. I’m already shivering in anticipation and fear for the panels I’ll hopefully be on at Loncon! 🙂

I politely disagree with point 2 of David Farland’s tips on deciding what to write. If I were to write for the market, I’d never be writing. But I understand he says this for whoever wants to break into traditional publishing or is a slow writer and needs to focus on something that sells. I write what I want to read, and if I don’t sell millions of copies (although I wouldn’t mind going a little higher than a hundred spread on 60+ titles, LOL!), I’m fine. That’s why I’m indie in the first place, traditional publishers would never publish me, neither in English speaking countries nor in Italy.

One last writerly link – Michael Connelly interview. Just love the part of writing momentum. Have a Wonderful Christmas and Boxing Day or whatever it is you celebrate (if you celebrate at all)! 😀

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