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And it’s the last guest of the year! Soon to be featured Author of the Month at Goodreads Smashwords Authors Groups! Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Marla Bradeen! And have a wonderful Holiday Season!

Where do you live and write from?

I live in Las Vegas, Nevada (USA). I generally write from my home there, usually while on the couch, although I sometimes take my laptop to other locations just to get out of the house. Two of my books are set in Seattle, Washington, which was my home before I moved to Las Vegas.

amicable_divorceWhen did you start writing?

I’ve written off and on since I was a kid. I didn’t actually manage to complete a novel until 2004, when I finished The Amicable Divorce. I didn’t write much during the years following that milestone, and only started writing seriously again in 2013 after quitting my job. Not having to work all day certainly makes finding the time and energy to write a lot easier.

What genre(s) do you write?

My books a humorous mysteries, bordering on chick-lit. My more recent books are more mystery than chick-lit, although The Amicable Divorce is the reverse.

Where do you find your inspiration? Do you put yourself in your stories?

Most people have something they want to say, and for me writing is a platform from which to share my thoughts about the world. Although my stories are fiction, they’re such that I feel they could happen in the real world. And while I like most of my characters, they all tend to be different and much more interesting than me.

Dolethal_injection you have a specific writing routine?

No, I’m not that organized. When I start a new story, I basically have to force myself to sit down and write. Once I get into a story, I want to write all the time.

Outliner or improviser? Fast or slow writer?

Improviser, for sure. I would love to develop the ability to outline, but at the moment it just doesn’t happen for me. In terms of coming up with a first draft, I’m probably pretty fast. I spend most of my time editing, and this stage moves much more slowly for me. Because I improvise as I go along, during the editing stage I realize a lot of my early stuff doesn’t make any sense and I have to cut or modify it.

Tell us about your latest book

Since The Amicable Divorce is my most recent published novel, I’ll focus on that one even though I wrote it ten years ago. It’s mostly chick-lit, with some mystery. Heroine Vanessa Collins doesn’t think much more can go wrong . . . until her husband announces his intention to file for divorce. Acting on her thrice-divorced sister’s advice, Vanessa steals her husband’s financial documents. She’s determined to either escape her marriage with a six-figure settlement or day trade her way into retirement. But Vanessa ends up with something she never bargained for, and now her entire future may be in jeopardy unless she can figure out what’s going on before it’s too late.

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lost_witnessIndie publishing or traditional publishing – and why?

Indie publishing. At first, I only started self-publishing because I couldn’t break into traditional publishing. I believe I would like some aspects of traditional publishing, such as the marketing support. However, in general I think the loss of control over my own work and the time it takes for a big publishing house to prepare a book for publication would frustrate me. The process just to land a publishing contract can be very discouraging for new writers. Self-publishing is so easy and allows authors to retain full control over their creative works. Plus, the indie writing community is incredibly supportive, which is a complete switch from the endless stream of impersonal rejections that are standard in the world of traditional publishing.

Any other projects in the pipeline?

I have a couple vague ideas, but I haven’t actually started writing anything new yet. Once the holidays are over, I plan to spend more time writing.

What is your goal as a writer and what are you doing to achieve it?

My number one goal is to come up with stories I personally like to read. I write because I enjoy it and it challenges me. To that end, I plan to just keep writing as long as I feel this way. If someone else can enjoy my stories too, that’s a fantastic bonus.

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