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Tomorrow Italian Facebookers will put a book cover in their profile photo against burning books. Yours truly will put one of hers (nowhere does it say “Writers, don’t you dare posting your own book covers” – besides, many writers use their own book covers as photos on their personal profiles all year long…) for the day.

I got the sketch from the artist that is doing my latest book cover and I’m very excited. If it’s ready by the end of the month, I might put another title out – although most retailers will be closed, so I might as well wait for the end of the Holidays. I’ll see! I sent her the images of weapons I used, so you’ll see another – hotter – version of Saif’s Legacy (but I’m not changing the cover on the novella, haha)! 😉 By the way, it made it to Apple (US i-bookstore)! 😀

This is NOT the final back cover, but you get the idea...

This is NOT the final back cover, but you get the idea…

It wasn’t a very good year for Hrithik’s personal life, but here’s to a better 2014. He’s now fully involved in that silly comic I’m writing (not that it’s going to cheer him up much, being involved in the silly and surreal story, but well…) and the final title is now definitely “Superdeformed Threesome Millennium”. I made a new “cover” drawing and written 20 pages or so. I plan to wrap up the project by the end of the year, so I can color it and publish it sometimes next year, along with the old ones with “superdeformed” or “chibi” Barb.

Since it’s not a good time for me either (Mom got rushed into hospital with a bleeding nose, thought she’d come out after a few hours, ended up spending 3 nights there…), I’m using this time to ink the 20 pages I’ve done so far, to decompress (not really in the mood for writing or translating). It will be full color, though, so it won’t be out until next year. It’s certainly faster that S.K.Y.B.A.N.D, both the drawing and everything (no backgrounds, ha!).

That’s all for today. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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