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So, I finished the Italian version of Shooting Star and realized there were a couple of mistakes (one that escaped even Mighty Editor…), so I decided to correct the English version while I was at it… BUT!

Yeah, you saw that coming, didn’t you? Okay, XinXii doesn’t allow changes when you take their ISBN and expanded distribution (they gave it for free until today, so I took it for both Star Minds and Star Minds Snippets, to see if I sell something – anything – there), so they have the “old” version. I’ll try again in a few days, in case the titles are blocked until the distribution is on.

Kindle, Kobo and Draft2Digital should have the new version uploaded for both Shooting Star and Star Minds Snippets (that also has the CreateSpace version – corrected as well). Smashwords… the autovetter did it again. It really really hates Star Minds Snippets cover! I had problems the first time (it kept saying the image was too small), and when I uploaded the new interior, again, it said the cover image was too small or corrupted or whatnot. This time they suggested that I resized it a little, since it’s too big (DOH!), but the smaller versions still give the stupid autovetter error. GAH!

And gosh, between my attempts at making Star Minds Snippets go back to the Premium Catalog, Smashwords changed their look! Making it harder finding the support form – were they tired of hearing from me? 😉 And few days after KDP changed its dashboard, showing the book covers! Gee, too many changes before the end of the year… are we at least done now? I hate changes (although I’m not as bad as the guys at the Authors Guild)! 😦

LuluI went to Lulu to order a book for a friend, and found this notice… so if any of you twitterers out there would like to tweet one of my books, here’s the Lulu page of Unicorn Productions. Take your pick! 🙂 Any you’d like to promote, you have my eternal gratitude! I don’t tweet myself, so I can’t return the favor, but well… Thanks! 😀

Now, if you want a few more ideas on how to support an author’s new book (or any book, for that matter)… I’d recommend 1 and 2 mostly, since Christmas is close! 🙂 There are the always useful blogs that I won’t point you again, and if you need help for 2014 resolutions, plans and whatnot, check Self-published Authors Helping Other Authors.

Next week I’ll share my staggering sales numbers (I’ve earned 0,000002% of Joe Konrath’s!) and close the reading year – no reviews, but a few suggestions… Maybe I should do it this Friday, so you’d still be on time to buy/ask them for Xmas? If so, let me know. No comments, it’s for next week! 🙂

Have a great week! 😀

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