Sunday Surprise

SM1_resizeAnd it’s a FREE ebook! Yes! Truly! Holiday Season gift! Technological Angel, book 1 of Star Minds, is free until Dec.18 (Brad Pitt’s 50th birthday).

Go get it on Smashwords in your preferred format with this coupon code:

Promotional price: $0.00
Coupon Code: MK28E
Expires: December 18, 2013

Yes, limited time offer, to celebrate the Italian version and a little over one year since publication of the English version! BTW, I had to put the Italian version through the nuclear version, since the old doc had some blue text I couldn’t get rid of… so one hour wasted putting back the italics (luckily the Italian version has less)! 😉

So, double celebration (and the Italian version is even Premium approved!)! Grab the English version while you can, and share the news… but mostly, enjoy the story in spite of the lousy book cover! 😉

Have a wonderful Sunday! 😀

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  1. Oh! Thank you so much for this nice pre-Xmas present! 🙂 I got my copy…



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