Sunday Surprise

Please WordPress, stop making silly useless changes to my dashboard, thank you.

Ahem – total randomness! Larry Elmore, one of my favorite fantasy illustrators (I own a pencil drawing by him, yay!) is having another kickstarter project: the sequel to his comic SnarfQuest. I’ve re-read the old one (B&W and very 1980s, especially in the girls’ hairdos! 😉 And I have a signed copy that I bought at Lucca Comics in 2003!), but the broken English is too hard on me, so I’ll pass. If you like comics and fantasy, you might want to try this full color version – I don’t think you’ll miss the first part! To back this project go to Kickstarter! 🙂 I’ll just keep waiting for the results of the previous project that I backed up last year – the books are shipping, but I assume I won’t see anything until January…

26 questions people from India are sick of answering. Someday I’ll have to come up with something similar for Italians, although, since I don’t look Italian, I don’t get many questions, haha (I hate the sun and the seaside, can’t sing “O Sole Mio” and have never seen a mandolin in my life – oh, and Rome is not like in Roman Holidays anymore, that was, like, half a century ago! We’re very behind, but not that much!). Anyway, I’ll never be able to do a post like that – with all those Bollywood stars “involved” (hello, Hrithik, hope you are back from your medical check up and everything is fine! ;)). I can’t name all the movies because there is a little too much of Kajol (not my favorite lady, LOL)! 🙂 And don’t worry, my Indian friends, the sari my mom brought me from her trip to Ladakh and Kashmir stays in the wardrobe! 😀

Last day of the Fair of Medium and Small publishers here today, will tell you more about it all soon… And here’s a summary of yours truly (I don’t have anymore panels today anyway, and even the ones I saw in the past 3 days ended up being totally uninteresting) – you can probably add me with my sword looking for blood. I want to move out of this stupid country. Argh.

+libri+liberi2013_resizeBack to uploading titles… Kobo is slooooooooooooooooooooow in converting and Apple is already backlogged – that’s why you can’t find Star Minds Snippets on Apple yet – yes, they’re that backlogged. I uploaded it Nov.22, amd it’s still pending review. What will happen to the titles uploaded later? 10-15 weeks to review means you’ll see them after the Holidays… so you i-Something owners better get the e-pub from somewhere else and stop trusting your Mighty Mac so much! 😉 And no, I’m not going direct to the i-bookstore, sorry! 😀 Have a great Sunday!

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  1. 26 animations I got sick of watching 😦
    About the “what caste are you” question, I bet it’s asked only by Indians. Rest of the world doesn’t care. BTW, we can’t get anything that’s not free on iBooks…so there’s one company that’s got India all figured out. Amazon on the other hand is still trying to get us to buy…but they need to just get it – the hardware is a status symbol (that’s more “gifted” than bought,) so they’ll sell their Kindle e-inks here (no fire, sorry) but they need to give the books away for free.
    So you want another country…hmm. Come to India 🙂


    • those weren’t really animations! 😉 And you underestimate Americans’ ignorance… I bet all those questions were asked by Yakees first! 😉
      Glom… unless I can do-business-as in India like in the US, I’d rather stick to Italy. At least I know how to handle men here! 😉



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