Random Friday

And it’s the week of mentioning Viv! 🙂 Her post reminded me of that ad I saw in the London cinema before Krrish3 that made the hairs on my arms rise and made me wince. I can’t even remember the company, but it’s Kevin Bacon advertizing a “family” service – a family of 4 sitting at a table and toying with tablets or smartphones and communicating through chat or FACEBOOK MESSAGES! Is this the 21st century family? Gee, I’m glad I don’t have one!

Technology is killing relationships everywhere and the fact that it’s so fast, makes everyone go crazy – they have to run and be constantly connected and… Gee, I’m breathless only thinking about it. It was only 15 years ago that we didn’t have cell phones and internet and were used to a much slower pacing. I go to work by bus, but I’m the only adult (along with foreigners who are either tourists or don’t own a car). Everybody else has their car glued to their bottom and can’t take the time for a train ride or a flight to visit another town.

This world is screwed up. Stop the world, I wanna get off – like Extreme used to sing in the 1990s. And it got much much worse since. People are afraid of loneliness, of being bored. Personally, I get bored at watching them play with their technological toys. My brother posted this on Facebook, saying he was a little worried.

1460958_10152059905680199_1715670967_n I told him “Don’t worry, I don’t let Dear Nephew to go to Amazon” – he only goes to PBS Kids, he probably haven’t figured out what a web browser is, but he’ll be 9 next month, so I’m sure he will! And I’m always in the room with him (mostly because sometimes he demands translations, to which I reply “If you say please, I’ll translate, honey” “Please, Auntie, what are they saying?” “That’s better!”). But that’s why my mom doesn’t want internet, she’s afraid her grandson might go to unsuitable sites and her husband catch all the viruses available online, LOL! 🙂

So, slow down, and listen to yourself. Like Viv says,

Once in a while, take off the gloves, take off whatever it is that stops you truly connecting with life and other people. Touch life and let life touch you.

Christmas is fast approaching, time to reconnect with yourself first, if you want to have a wonderful Holiday Season. Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. Viv

     /  06/12/2013

    yes, there are dangers on the internet but I’d not be without it!
    We as a family have family meals most evenings (depending on Nigel’s schedule) and always have. If the phone goes during a meal, it’s almost always ignored.
    At present we’re on the lookout for someone to join us for Christmas dinner as I prefer to cook for more than the 3 of us. Our Christmases in the past have always been social affairs.
    Anyway, without the internet we’d never know each other. It’s a tool; you don’t let children use dangerous tools. xx


    • Absolutely, Viv, I’d be dead without the internet! 🙂 But most people abuse of their technological toys and forget they have a real life too… I guess most adults are overgrown children these days, LOL!


  2. Happy Holidays, as they say in the States. 🙂


    • “Buone Feste” over here, in case you want to pretend you know some Italian! 😉



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