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Snow started falling on the blog last Sunday (courtesy of WordPress as usual, and until Jan.4), so I changed the theme like every December. The snow on white background is annoying, on pink background it’s… festive! 😉 But then I noticed some widgets were missing from the sidebar, so I turned it off and put back the old theme. So you had only 3 days of snow on this blog, sorry… 😉

You had NaNoWriMo, I had the month of writing in Italian, so here’s how it went. On Nov.30 I wrapped Mind Link, so I’m left only with Slave Traders to translate (and the Snippets, but they will come out next year). I’ve “wasted” a week writing in English, but since the response of the beta-readers to that almost-12K story was overwhelmingly positive, I’m happy to fall behind with the Italian ones – although it means I’ll have to keep reading in Italian for another week or two. I have recovered my rhythm and voice after 2 years of writing exclusively in English, though, so the final translation should go smoothly.

So, this month you’ll have one new English story next week, since Mighty Editor already got back to me (this weekend I have some formatting to do, LOL), and then for Xmas I’ll have the Italian version of Star Minds. The single books might have different covers than the English version, but that’s OK! 😉 Now, to the writerly links of the week!

David Farland on choosing a career path. And thank God for the diversity of writers out there. Don’t be a sheep, find your own way. This goes for blogging too.  Should you stop blogging or not? Well, it depends. I’m doing it because I enjoy it – and I’m not using it as a marketing tool. I don’t tweet because I don’t think people can communicate in 140 characters, but that’s just me. Find what’s good for YOU. And don’t beg readers by constantly pitching your books – see Kris Rusch’s discoverability part 2!

Now, when you’ll have Joe Konrath’s literary empire, you might want to think about what happens to your estate when you go wherever your religion or belief says you will go without your material body and possessions. Personally, I don’t have a literary empire, and it’s another material possession that I won’t be able to take with me, not even in my next life, so I’ll worry about it if and when I’ll get there (meaning both when I’ll have a literary empire or when I die – I might die before having a literary empire, so…).

Best writing advice evah – just write, stupid! Research is fine, but please don’t waste all the time researching instead of writing. I’ve poured out that million words of crap long ago, but if you’re just starting, don’t be daunted. Get them out as fast as you can, so you can become the wonderful writer you want to be. The first thing you write won’t be as perfect as the last. Just keep writing, and enjoy the process. If you don’t enjoy it, just quit.

Viv pointed me to the Fussy Librarian that featured her book, so I checked the book submissions guidelines. I’m never going to get there, since I don’t have enough reviews – not even BoI-Air, the most reviewed book, gets 10 reviews, so… bummer. But if your book meets their requirements, feel free to submit them! 🙂

That’s all for today… Saint Barbara waves good-bye and goes back to her writing cave! 😉

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  1. Viv

     /  04/12/2013

    Yes, the Fussy Librarian is…fussy.
    As for Twitter, well, it’s surprising how well one can communicate in that short a space, and to be honest, I find it a real boon to a lonely life. After five years, I’ve found a lot of wonderful folks, and great support, as well as fabulous links and amusements. It does also sell books, but not because of promotion. If you’re a real human presence, then people do go off quietly and check out your blog and your books. I think in terms of audience building it’s a lot more use than Facebook.
    Concerning literary estates, I have made sure my husband knows all my details for books, and if something happens to me, I have told him I will haunt him if he doesn’t get the rest of my back catalogue out! Given the diagnosis this year of not one but two serious life limiting conditions, the second of which will be fatal eventually if not treated, I guess it makes sense!


    • I know, I just can’t get myself in the Twitter mode, LOL! 🙂 I’ve been invited by fellow writers at least twice (by you and another), but I don’t think I’ll ever join – love you ladies, but I’d rather not tweet about it! 😀
      As for literary empires, I’ll need someone bilingual anyway, and it’s not that easy. I have a friend who could do it and is much younger than me, but… maybe I should send him Joe Konrath’s post and ask him, haha! 🙂 Besides I don’t want EVERYTHING I’ve written (you know, that million words of crap?) to be published, so… we’ll see! 😀


  2. I too can’t handle twitter. I’ve got my blog connected to twitter, so when I make a new post, a tweet is automatically generated and posted. Every once in a while I do a manual tweet of my post with some hashtags included…but I can hardly type on my phone (and when I do what I type doesn’t agree with what I want to say,) and being an artist I am not on my computer the whole day 🙂

    On stopping blogging…I won’t. Honestly it’s rewarding and my blog is also a showcase of my work. I get most of my commissions through my blog – so I’d say, a blog is almost as serious a website…and you must ignore it at your own peril.

    PS: Returned from Atlantis…finally.


    • Missed you! 🙂
      I won’t stop blogging either, because I’m enjoying it. When I don’t enjoy it anymore, I will stop. I don’t see any difference in sales (close to 0) with having a blog (Barbara G.Tarn) or a static web page (B.G. Hope), and I don’t care. I’d rather be writing anyway! 😀



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