Random Friday

Random thought of the day: ‘Krrish 3’ sets new record, earns Rs 228.23cr in fortnight, and here’s my contribution to it! 😉

Krrish3Second thought is sort of related, since we’re talking about TV, but at the same time it’s a reality show (so not really TV, IMHO) and it’s about writing. But I didn’t want to ramble on Wednesday, so I’m sharing it now. Had to learn it from the New York Post that we have a reality show in Italy with writers. OMG! That’s where you’ll NEVER see me, trust me! 😉 (also because I don’t watch TV and even if I watched it, I’d avoid reality shows at all costs, LOL)

Anyhow, lots of things stated in the article are true. Italians write but don’t read. I had a comment on my Italian blog by someone who said that in his booklet he suggested the wannabe writer doesn’t read anything for at least 2 months before starting to write, lest he unconsciously plagiarize something. Excuse me? Of course a beginner will write like someone else, until he/she finds his/her own voice, so what?

As for the “problems” of the contestants: writing in public wouldn’t be a problem with me – when I write, I’m in another world, I don’t care who’s watching me. Got used to it when I went to illustration school and people watched me draw. And I’m even more concentrated when I write, so… no big deal.

Reading in public – now, that’s another story. I never learned (and never will) to read aloud to myself for flow like so many suggest, and I had to read aloud once at my first creative writing course back in 2001. Never again. That’s why when I’m invited to those book signings or books presentations, I always decline. I’m not a writer who likes the sound of her voice. So no thanks, do not invite me, I won’t come. I’m too busy… writing! 😉

Of the judges – I’ve red only one book from one of them. But then, Italian traditional publishers are all for literary fiction, and that’s why I switched to English. Even if I had learned about the silly reality show on time, I wouldn’t have submitted a thing anyway. Happy indie author can’t bother with trad pub anymore. Well, unless MONDADORI (not Bompiani) offers me a lot of money – which they never will, LOL!

Next week we’ll have the fair of small&medium publishers in Rome again, and I’ll be attending. If I learn something more on the Italian market, I’ll let you know.

Ending with sort of Art Friday – I’ve done 2 covers for the novelette I plan on publishing in December and can’t decide which is worse. Any suggestions? Leave them in the comments… Thanks! 🙂

left or right version?

left or right version?

Have a wonderful weekend! 😀

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  1. The one at the right looks better 🙂


  2. The one on the right has better spaces to hold author/title info… I think.



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