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Star_Minds_Snippets_Cover_for_KindleSo, you saw the announcement on Sunday – I improvised, LOL! It was quite an adventure this time, since I struggled a little with CreateSpace and then the Smashwords auto-vetter kept telling me my image was too small (in spite of being 11MB and waaaay bigger than their minimum requirements), until I wrote to the customer support asking what was wrong with the auto-vetter (even when I updated the doc for Star Minds, it told me the cover image was too small – and I hadn’t touched it!). They did reply on Monday, but I saw it was approved (manually) for Premium catalog in less than 24hours.

First it was the meatgrinder, now the auto-vetter… come on, Smashwords, I know you can do it! 😀 I love their series manager, and in fact I rearranged Star Minds on the series page… because it’s only 9 books, LOL! Silvery Earth has so many, that the new ones won’t get in chronological order in the series manager, that’s for sure…

Anyhow, now you can have all the links – I got the B&N one Sunday night. Star Minds Snippets is now out on Amazon, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble, DriveThruFiction and  POD (printed book) at CreateSpace, with Kobo and Apple still lagging behind. Kobo told me the title was published, but it didn’t show up in the Kobo store for another few hours, grrrr! 😦

Don’t you love that cover with Ker-ris (and Kol-ian’s scarred back)? I’m refraining from asking a third drawing to Phoenixlu, since I’m thinking of doing another version next year before Loncon… The power of indie publishing! 😀 But I can make it a real trilogy (well, four-logy if I add the Next Generation) by switching things around a little… I’ll leave that final decision to the new year’s resolutions, though! 😉

Writerly links of the week: Anne Lamott’s timeless advice on writing which goes very well with Dean Wesley Smith myth-killer (re: perfectionism and rewriting to death – a.k.a. Rewriting Hell). Joe Konrath and the art of bitching – don’t, just don’t. Unless you’re a ten-year-old, that is.

Kris Rusch on discoverability (part 1) or how you don’t need a traditional publisher to be discovered. And if you find useful to have a yearly planner for your writing, go to Writing World again. Considering how I’ve been doing this year, maybe I should start using one of those too, LOL!

Well, my writing/publishing planner simply states “this month publish this and this and write this and this” and then I jot down when I’m supposed to send stuff to editors. So, very easy planning, like for the blog, LOL! Writing wise I’m past 2/3 of Mind Link and hope to finish the translation by the weekend, so in December I’ll have only Slave Traders to translate.

And I hope to hear from a beta-reader soon, so I can start revising the Male Lovers of Silvery Earth anthology… although the whole anthology will probably come out in 2014, since I managed to commission an artist on DeviantART I’d been keepeing an eye on for over a year but who was closed to commissions until now… More on that next week! 🙂

By clicking the wrong link in my bookmarks, I discovered that WeRead (something like Goodreads, connected to Lulu), has become a link to Flipkart, so I searched for my name and yay for Smashwords premium distribution, here I am! 😀 I have no idea of the exchange rate, but you can see my book priced in rupees! 😀 I knew they had sent them, but I never bothered to check – until one of my bookmarked pages turned out to be Flipkart (I’m not going to miss it, BTW. I hated WeRead, since there were mistakes in book attributions and nobody ever answered my complaints…)! 😉

That’s all for this week! Happy Thanksgiving to my American friends and have a great week everybody else! 😀

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