Random Friday

Crazy days at DayJob and outside, since it’s raining so traffic is worse than ever and I’m oh-so-happy I go by bus, or I’d be stuck in that mess of flooded streets. No, it’s not as bad as in Sardinia, but people seem to forget how to drive when it rains + everybody takes the car so hundreds more in the streets = traffic jams a go-go. And the buses get caught in that mess, so the other day it took me 1hour and 10 minutes when it usually takes 40 minutes. Sigh.

My 18-year-old car needed some repairs this year, and I’m still using it sparsely. It has less than 65000km, but it’s falling apart anyway, LOL! Except I don’t use it enough to decide to buy a new car, so I’ll stick with it. So I paid those 650euros hoping it will go on for another ten years when I’ll either be able to move somewhere else, have a driver or buy an electric car.

I’m so busy translating, that I’m not even reading (okay, I read the magazines I bought in London, but this is no gossip blog, so mum’s the word). Tomorrow I will have to check the Italian version of Technological Angel before I give it to a beta on Sunday. I hope to read at least an e-book by a friend before the end of the month! 😉 The Italian POD will definitely be through Lulu, since ordering from Lulu is cheaper from Italy and since I really don’t get the guys at CreateSpace.

I’ll do a final edit to the files of Star Minds and Star Minds Snippets for CS and then I give up the whole matchbook thingy. I’d love to have a couple of books at Loncon next year, but if it’s only 2 or 3 titles (out of almost 20 PODs), I don’t care – I’ll have to carry them over there, so I don’t want too much weight anyway. I travel light with an empty trolley (so I can fill it with DVDs, LOL)! 😉

By the way, London will be filled by Italian fans. I’m in a group about the Italian Expedition Base Camp for Loncon, and there are already almost 40 people! 😉 I guess it won’t be less than 10 like at the Chicon, LOL! We’ll see who ends up actually coming and if we can set up a couple of panels, but I don’t know most of those people and what their English is like… I’m not an interpreter! 😉

The surprise Sunday is… no post. I already struggled to find something to say today, and I don’t have any guests stopping by until December. So no post this time. I’m blogging until I find it funny, and if it becomes a hassle, I’ll just dilute the posts even more – so I’m not crying for an empty Sunday morning. Unless something exceptional happens to blog about, but I doubt it! 🙂

Things are very quiet here, so that’s all for today – and this week… Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Hi! What does “Italian Expedition Base Camp at Loncon” mean?? Mysterious!


    • our group founder chose the name! 😉 It’s a closed group anyway, for people interested in going to London from Italy for the Worldcon. Any chance you’ll show up on this side of the pond too? 😀 Come on, you write sci-fi, you need to attend at least one worldcon! 😉 (okay, I won’t blame you if you prefer going to Sasquan http://www.worldcon.org/)



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