Writer Wednesday

So, you have NaNoWriMo, I have the month of writing in Italian. After my 11K story that was a success with one beta, I’m back to translating Star Minds in Italian. The first book and some of the second had an Italian version, so I was slower, since I had to compare versions. But now that I’m on the “new” parts, I’m much faster! 🙂

I even found a consistency mistake and now I need to decide if I want to change Star Minds or Star Minds Snippets – I know one is already out, the other only partially, so it’s probably easier to adjust one sentence in Mind Control (where I found a couple of typos as well while reading the POD) and the still unpublished Snippets, than changing one word of Star Minds over multiple retailers! 😉 Ah, decisions…

I’ve ended up changing that one word, even if it meant 3 doc changes and 6 uploads – some of which are not live yet (and 3 out of 6 I had to re-upload the cover. I changed the interior and had to upload a new cover. Gah!). But it made more sense to change that single word than deleting the sentence. And I’ve had another little fight with CreateSpace dashboard – and I have only 2 titles there, LOL! Hopefully next year I’ll get better! 😀

I’ve ordered another proof of Star Minds Snippets and hope to make it live soon both on CreateSpace and ebook retailers.  For some reason I struggled with the cover of the POD again (I tried to move it one mm, and it turned out the image was too small, so I had to re-upload the cover, along with the new interior. Meh), so I’m glad I don’t have any other PODs coming out this year.

Also, CreateSpace told me they’d refund me the 25$ of the expanded distribution, but I haven’t seen my credit card refund yet. But I haven’t seen the proof payment either, so, I’m just waiting. It’s true that you have to rise the price of the paperback to be able to sell it to distributors, but for me it’s fine. I’m not selling any paperbacks anyway and I don’t live in the US. If this is a way to sell to US bookstores or libraries, that’s fine. Although I don’t know which library would like to carry sci-fi or fantasy with GLB characters, LOL!

And I got an email from KDP that they will send me my royalties by EFT – but since I switched this summer (when it became available for all marketplaces), I asked them what happened to the royalties between February and May and they said they’d do a one-time conversion of what was left on the check-method. So I will get staggering amounts of money from KDP in the next weeks (15euro, 14$ and 28£ – yeah, I’m getting rich, haha!).

This week’s link are all about timeless fiction and storytelling. David Farland’s is very short, Krish Rusch’s a lot longer, but both worth reading. I guess writing is a great way of getting better at storytelling! 😉 Yes, you might need to know about points of views and character arcs, but just writing more stories will make you a better writer. Okay, I’m still galvanized by that beta-reader reaction to my latest baby – seems I’ve nailed the story at the first try! 😉 Now I better hear a second opinion before I publish it as is, LOL!

Wishing you all a wonderful week! 🙂

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