Writer Wednesday

SMShalfblood_resizeLet’s say I feel jet-lagged, although I have no reason to (England is only one hour difference and 3 hours flight) – blame it on my age! 😉 I love winter, but the cold also slows me down, along with a couple of womanly things I hoped I had gotten rid of. But I digress. It’s Writer Wednesday again aaaand, as promised, I have a new short story out, at the moment only on 3 distributors but with more to come.

Star Minds Snippets – Half-blood, a 99cent short story out now on Smashwords, Amazon, Barnes&Noble and eventually Kobo and Apple.

I’ve brought the proof for SMSnippets to London and found a few typos and duplicated words, so I’ll have to spend a day (next weekend) correcting and uploading the new doc. Hope I don’t get another email from CreateSpace reminding me about it – I know I have it pending, but they themselves recommend checking for typos and stuff, and you need time for that! 😉

Also, I received an email telling me the expanded distribution is now free, so they’ll refund me the 25$ I paid when I set up the new title. They haven’t credited my credit card yet, but I still have a few days before complaining, LOL! So SMSnippets will be distributed for free, while I paid for Star Minds. Oh, well. I still don’t think I’ll sell many printed copies and still can’t see the MatchBook thingy, so… good for me! 🙂

I wrote a final short story in English while in London, then I’ll be back to translating Star Minds in Italian – and by the way, the series won’t change name (translation) after a friend told me I should leave it in English and non-English-speaking friends confirmed it’s fine for them if the series has an English title. I guess we’re used to (mostly) Star Trek anyway… 😉 (Older people like me still remember Star Wars with its Italian title, but Star Trek was never translated).

I also spent one rainy afternoon at the Westminster Library instead of watching a certain movie for the third time (more on that Friday, of course) where I found a couple of books on armor and swords that gave me ideas for my Assassins’ Guild weapons – although I had to integrate with a Wikipedia search when I came back. So I used that research for both the short story I was writing and then I’ll reuse it when I’ll write Assassins (might end up being next year – I’m falling behind again, sigh).

So far the only assassin is Kumar in BoI – Air, and he’s a noose-operator inspired by the Thuggee. The short story is one century later, and I’m adding the Sikhs’ chakram, while Assassins is 4 centuries later, so things will probably have changed more (maybe I’ll introduce the shuriken?). These new assassins in the short story use not only the noose but also other weapons that might end up vanishing 4 centuries later. Maybe. I’m working on a cover and will send it to a beta-reader this weekend, hoping she’ll enjoy it as much as I did.

Now a couple of writerly links: Reality check by Kris Rusch. Like her, I’ve never done NaNoWriMo and never will. If it motivates you to write the next book in the series, please do it! 🙂 But if it’s your first (or third) NaNo, you might want to keep that thing in a drawer until you’ve written your million words of crap.

Covers: careful what you use (that’s why I love fantasy and sci-fi, no photographic covers, thank you!). Here’s a list onf 150+ things you can’t show in a commercial stock image. Which includes the Eiffel Tower, for example, I didn’t know I couldn’t use it on a book cover. Glad I haven’t published stories set in Paris (although in Love&Prejudice they do go to Paris at some point, but I didn’t put it on the cover, LOL!).

That’s all for now… Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. Nice. 🙂 I did have to wonder what the womanly troubles were. Children? Thanks for sharing the list, too. Can’t believe some of the stuff on there. Uluru, really? It’s a rock! It should be free game!


    • Nope, I’m vehement about voluntary extinction (read “no children, thanks” – being an aunt is more than enough! 😉 I know, old spinster)! 😀 It’s the impending menopause that is driving me nuts. And add to that living with no wake up call for 3 weeks and having to go back to work – that’s jet-lag, LOL!


      • Ah! I’m with you on the no kids policy. 😀 Nice to meet a fellow lifetime aunt.
        The sleeping in plus back to work thing makes sense. That would make anyone jet lagged.



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