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Okay, summary of Lucca Comics & Games:

Lucca2013_resize(yes, I have bicolored hair at this time – my hairdresser is having so much fun with me, I can’t deny her, can I?) Ahem, where were we. Ah, yes, comicon. Well… too crowded for my tastes, I couldn’t get everything I was looking for because some places were unaccessible. I couldn’t even wave a “Hello” to Terry Moore, the barrage of fans and people was impossible to get through. Meh. But I did spend some time at his exhibition (it was quiet and there was a place to sit down – away from the darn rain!)! 😉

I did manage to see friends (publishers or comic book artists) I get to see only at fairs, but even getting into the Games to watch Maurizio Manzieri work was a hassle. It was much more crowded than what I remembered from 2009 and made me wish I didn’t go at all. Maybe I’m really too old for this (says the lady who goes to London to watch a Bollywood movie, haha).

Anyway, I’ll end with a short gallery… I’ll be back from London tomorrow, and next week I’ll tell you how my final vacation went! Offline until then, don’t worry if I don’t answer to your comments right now! Have a great weekend!

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