Random Friday

Very random. Well, DVD random.

I finally watched Brave – the carrot after finishing all that publishing stuff. I took it as a fantasy, since Americans’ sense of history is… well, let’s say they forgot where they actually come from. Yes, it did look like Scotland, but. Besides, there’s magic, legends, etc, so it is fantasy. I still think that a woman wearing weapons and riding a horse wouldn’t wear a gown, but that’s just me! 😉 Nice story – for younger women at least. I’m past the “I so love my mum even if we fight” stage, sigh!

I also liked the two shorts enclosed, especially wordless “La Luna”, and I found it strange that there was nothing about the making of. Maybe it’s the Italian version or because it’s a version in a children’s line – and children don’t really care about the making of their cartoons. Ah well… will have to check more adult cartoons! 😉

By the way, I showed the YouTube version of Three Blind Mice to my nephew. Being Italian, he had no idea there’s a song behind the mice in Shrek. He pretended not to be interested, but he turned his head at the sound of the music, LOL! He hates me when I speak English to him, but eventually he’ll grow out of it… This year I’m helping him with his English homework (and then he can play all he wants with PBS Kids, but I translate for him only when he asks) – when I’m home, that is.

Next Tuesday I’ll be in London, so it will be Mom’s charge again – and she can’t speak English, haha! Yes, that’s all the traveling for this year, by the way. Spent half my vacation at home working on indie publishing, but I went to 2 comicons (Torino and Lucca), and then a few days in Massa (featured in Shooting Star along with Garfagnana) and a few in London – meeting friends and relatives. Next year we’ll see!

A few years ago I asked my friend Jennifer to record something from the American TV – and this year she found the DVD, so I finally got to see Bollywood Hero! 😉 Which kindly puts Da Muse at the very beginning (playing himself, in case you’re wondering) and then jumps into Bollywood-mode (sort of – it’s still from an American perspective!) and ends with… Dhoom Taana (sans Deepika&Shahrukh, of course). I knew the song as soon as it started, LOL!

Nice short TV series (3 episodes) of a Hollywood actor trying to get into Bollywood – see Luck by Chance for the differences in acting schools… 😉 I’m sure most American viewers didn’t get the references – like at the end, the auto-rickshaw driver mentioning “an Indian superhero! Just imagine!“. That’s Krrish, in case you didn’t know! 😉 (and the line is in English, repeated a lot at the beginning of the movie, albeit before the actual birth of Krrish, LOL) – but I hope they had fun anyway. I was chuckling throughout the whole thing. But then, I’m a Bollywood lover! 😉

To complete the random randomness, Mark Slaughter speaks – I’d have died to read that in a magazine in the 1990s (that was before the internet, in case you forgot). I loved Slaughter and Mark was my former muse. And I loved being part of Slaughter International – I still have two penfriends that became real life friends from then (*waves at Renee and aforementioned Jennifer*) – and I kinda miss the 20th century. But well, life goes on! 😉 Thanks for the interview, Mark! 😀

Mark&Barb 1998

Mark&Barb 1998

And now wishing you a wonderful weekend! Next week – Lucca Comics report, PODs and more! 🙂

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