Writer Wednesday

So, Star Minds Snippets – Women is out now on Smashwords, Amazon, Kobo, Barnes&Noble and Apple (US i-bookstore). If you haven’t checked my rant on Frank’s blog yet, go and read it now! 😉 I also uploaded a new version of BoI – Air – slightly revised for word choice and punctuation, so I don’t think I need to let people know (I don’t think I sold any copies on Amazon anyway), but if you happen to read this blog and have purchased it in the past, go get the new version. I’m currently working on the new POD version as well, which should be available through CreateSpace some time next month – it takes time to get proofs in the mail in Italy, sigh.

I also found out that Kobo added a category to 4 out of 5 BoI when I uploaded the new version of Air:

KoboAs my few readers might know, it’s adult unconventional fantasy (which is the category that I put in myself) and driving people looking for religious fiction to this book might be a big mistake for everybody involved. Yes, my world has its own religions, but no, I don’t think it would please religious readers of Earth… Most of my characters are atheists and don’t even believe in their own gods! Didn’t Kobo have enough on its plate with WHSmith? Who comes up with those weird categories anyway? This category has been added to most of the “Books of the Immortals” (Air and Ether, Fire and Earth – not to Water since it has already a second (correct) category of LGBT fiction)…

KWL’s answer:

There seems to be a glitch in our system at the moment that’s causing problems with the categories and DRM result.

The DRM glitch is one year old. And the category glitch might be unrelated to the WHSmith problem, but still – doesn’t help. Anyway, I’ll just wait and see…

Now I’m off DayJob, so I’m working on those PODs. The BoI, the CVE, the TSK will all get “new” covers and reformatting. I’m finding typos and fixing them on the POD version, but I won’t upload new e-book versions. And then I’ll be working on the POD version of Star Minds Snippets so I can do a final pass on a printed book instead of a printed manuscript. Expect it to come out next month – with another taste of it next week. From the poor editor’s comments (she hasn’t read Technological Angel), I’ve determined The Rogue Years can’t be read without having read the series, so I won’t add it to Shooting Star. Also, Frank can have the whole anthology at 50% discount since he already bought the double “Women“! 🙂

Now, to writerly links – missed them, huh? Well, by blog serendipity, seems they’re all tied again to make us better writers. In my case, indie writer. Kris Rusch has reminded herself of the good old “carrot and sticks” method. If you can’t get your butt in a  chair and write, use that.I’m not watching Brave (that I bought a couple of weeks ago) until I have some publishing done! 🙂

Guest on Joe Konrath’s blog Birgit Kluger has written a book on how to sell your English ebook in the German market. If I had a clue, I’d write one on how to sell your English book in the Italian market, considering that 95% of Italians don’t speak English… but there’s a lot of foreigners living in Italy who speak English (sometimes as a second language)! 😉

And then Scott William Carter wrote about the Tsunami of Wonderful (as opposed to the Tsunami of Crap that was supposed to hit the virtual shelves) which pairs very well with Joe Konrath’s Quitter Quitter – not to mention his latest post with his numbers. I ain’t no Joe Konrath, but I ain’t no quitter either. I will slowly find my readers (chori chori, chupke chupke) and live happily ever after. Truth is often stranger than fictions, right? 😉

And now back to work on CreateSpace/Open Office/Photoshop for those PODs… have a great week! 🙂

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