Sunday Surprise

… and it’s more writers quotes! To interrupt the series of interviews with fellow Wyrd Worlds authors (but we shall continue, so stay tuned) – here’s the monthly feature of words of wisdom or writers on writing! 🙂 Have a great Sunday!

People fret about the disappearance of one ecosystem: the closure of stores, the slimming down of book sections in newspapers, or Oprah cancelling her book club, and don’t take into account the diverse, decentralized, vibrant system that is taking its place through crowdsourced reviews, hugely popular book blogs, Kindle fan newsletters that have fifty thousand subscribers, Kindle owner Facebook Pages with thirty thousand fans, e-reader forums with tens of thousands of members, huge social networks exclusively for books, as well as the millions and millions of conversations about books and their authors which are happening every day on social media, and by email.

It’s a chaotic and messy recommendation engine, but it’s also one that allows word-of-mouth to spread like wildfire. And it doesn’t care who published the book.

– David Gaughran

To become a professional fiction writer, you must become a major risk-taker without fear of failure or a care in the world what anyone else thinks of you or your writing.

– Dean Wesley Smith

Because all that tells me is this: the more I write and publish, the more readers will want what I write.

And oh, that makes me happy. It keeps my butt in the chair, and my fingers on the keyboard. It also makes me a bit crazy: I have more stories to tell than I could ever get to. I’m typing as fast as I can—and having a ball.

That’s what all the writers who’ve decided to embrace this new world will tell you. We’re having fun, some of us for the first time in years. (To me, writing has always had to be fun or there’s no point in doing it.)

– Kristine Kathryn Rusch

I don’t know if I have a specific point or conclusion, I’m just kind of rambling here. I guess my point is, everyone is passionate about at least one thing. Even if it’s a passion for the desire not to be passionate about anything. If yours is writing, creating, building, and dreaming, embrace it. Live through the pain, celebrate through the joy, and know that every up and down feeds your love for the written word.

– Loralie Hall

This joy, this enthusiasm, having it hurt when I can’t sit down to write, that’s the way it was over thirty years ago when I used to hammer stories out on an old typewriter. It was what made me write a novel in longhand back when I was in high school. This is what sparks the light in the eyes of students who come to my classes, and fuels the secret smile writers have when alone and an idea strikes them.

It’s been gone for a bit. I am so thankful it’s back.

– Michael Stackpole

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