The Starry Mind of Barbara G. Tarn

I just couldn’t wait until Wednesday to let you know Frank invited me over at his blog to ramble! Thank you, Frank! 🙂

Francis James Franklin (Alina Meridon)

Last week I posted a review of Niall Teasdale’s Steel Beneath the Skin with the bisexy cyborg Aneka Jansen. This week I encountered another bisexy cyborg in Barbara G. Tarn’s Women – which has the most fantastic cover ever! Er, sorry, got carried away there, but… so sexy. Okay, that’s a battle suit on the cover, not a cyborg, but… whatever.

Anyway. It’s a fun read, but I was delighted to read about the planet Sylvania where men age so rapidly that the population is entirely female. This resonates with me – see this post: A World Without Men. So I invited Barbara over to talk about this, and I’m delighted that she has.

So! Welcome, Barbara…

The Starry Mind of Barbara G. Tarn

Thank you, Frank, for having me over! You wanted me to expand and explain about our galaxy as I see it in my science-fantasy series

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