Writer Wednesday

Published 16/10/2013 by Barb

SMSDwomen_resizeAnd I managed to upload a new title, but since I did it yesterday afternoon, the only live link at the moment are Kindle and Smashwords. Stay tuned for more e-retailers. This is the second “excerpt” from Star Minds Snippets that will come out in full next month. So, after Mind Control, here’s Women, with a cover by excellent Silvano Beltramo.

This focuses on Mya and Maela – for the two people who read Star Minds, that is (or at least have been following this blog since last December, when I interviewed all the main characters). Since both stories start almost at the same time, and both deal with female protagonists, I thought I’d bundle them together! 😉

I uploaded the bundle to Smashwords, Kindle, Kobo and Draft2Digital as usual, in spite of the Kobo/WHSmith/D2D controversy. At this time BoI-Prequels is unavailabe on Kobo, since it’s a free title I’ve sent through D2D. It seems it’s affecting only the Kobo UK store – and D2D-distributed titles.

For more on this story, here’s a good summary. Or you can check the discussion I started on Goodreads (thanks Mr Rodent for jumping in! 😉 It does indeed sound like the Paypal/Smashwords controversy…). D2D sent an update that they still don’t know when the titles they distribute will be back, and KWL said it’s working for us (I posted their email on the GR discussion). Here’s also David Gaughran’s – our man in the UK – analysis of the mishap/abuse/whatever you want to call it. I see the Kobo Italian store only – and the D2D title is “not found”.

Life is hard for indies! Especially when loved ones don’t support – or at least understand – your writing career. I’m with Michelle, here. I don’t have anyone who really supports my writing by cheering or asking me how it’s going, except for my cover artist Cristina Fabris (and I’m talking of offline acquaintaces here, not online friends). Sure, a couple are trying to follow in my footsteps, but they don’t really bother asking me how I’m doing. But I’ll keep going – just watch me! And, like the other Utah-based writer David Farland says – never give up!

And if you’re still worried about standards, check Kris Rusch’s post on the topic… Like my Jedi Twin says – more often than not, you don’t need a traditional publisher. Just do it yourself, especially if you’re young and tech-savvy. And if you need a history of traditional publishing, check Dean’s Killing the sacred cows of publishing post. And please be careful of scammers, like David Gaughran again points out – Author Solutions has reached the UK

On the writing side, well, I’ve been working on a few shorts for a little longer before sending them off to betas. Hopefully next week I’ll start on Assassins, since Mighty Editor Katy also sent back the revision of BoI-Air, so I better check it ASAP and work on the new POD and ebook version next week! 🙂 I alternate the writing with coloring SKYBAND 13, so hopefully by the weekend I’ll only have to put the balloons and lettering, whoot! 🙂

That’s all for the week! Have fun! And if you’re a writer – just write! 🙂 Apply butt in chair and write! Happy week!


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    • I thank God for the supporting online friends like you! 🙂 But yeah, offline it’s different…
      Here’s to offline support from our loved ones! 🙂


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