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Final thoughts on the Goodreads Giveaway. 762 people requested it – people who had never heard of me (coincidentally, that’s also my bus number – the one that should take me to work or back home when it doesn’t forget to show up at the bus stop). 359 people added it to their Want-to-read shelf, so they weren’t just entering any giveaway available in the hope of winning. Also, that didn’t bring visitors to this blog, so it’s really just Goodreads users who entered the giveaway (some of my friends might have entered it through the link on Facebook, but I think most of the requesters were unknown to me) to win a book.

What I can say is – even if I will earn only one fan now, it brought my book to the attention of Goodreads users. I checked the book stats that went back to April 2013: it was added once in May, once in July (I think it’s Mr Rodent who even left a review), once in August, once in September, then went on the “Want-to-read” shelf of 100+ people on the first day of the giveaway, 70 on the second and 185 on the third. Now those people might never end up buying it, but they saw it, and know about Silvery Earth now.

That Want-to-read shelf is for the paperback edition that I added for the Giveaway (since, as I mentioned, it’s only for printed books, and it didn’t allow me to set it up until there were only the “e-book” and “Kindle edition” in their database). So I better hurry and do the CreateSpace edition and match it to the Kindle edition, so if some of those people look for the actual book, they can find it on Amazon (although since Amazon bought Goodreads, a lot of people are pissed)! 🙂 And especially if the winner is American, sending direct from CreateSpace will be cheaper for me! 😀

That’s a good marketing tool, that really shows your title on Goodreads since they list it on their giveaway list with no effort on your part. There are obviously readers who keep a look on those lists, so if you have print copies and want to reach new people, set up a Goodreads Giveaway! 🙂 I don’t know if and how it will affect actual sales yet, but it’s good exposure, it’s free (well, it will cost you the mailing expenses for the winner if you don’t use CreateSpace – that was about 20euros for me, international mailing fees are very high, but you can select only your home country if you wish) and not time-consuming at all. No need to tweet, facebook, whatnot, just enter your title in a GR Giveaway and they will introduce you to hundreds of people who would have never heard of you otherwise…

While I was at it, I even re-read BoI-Air – after 2 years. Boy, it felt weird! Now I’m sending it out to an editor with minor adjustments (it was edited by a British editor, unlike my following books) and so the new POD edition will be updated – and so will the e-book version while I’m at it. Hopefully there isn’t so much to do on the other BoI as well! 😉 It’s little things, really (word choices, punctuation), but I understand why some writers get stuck in rewriting hell for years! 😀

No, I’m not stuck in the Book-as-event myth. I did celebrate when I published BoI – Air and ordered those 25 copies (3 more left, yay!) done with Lulu, but I didn’t repeat the expense for the other books that came later. Those minor adjustments I plan are like proofreading (and the typo-imps are real b… – they show up years after you polished your book and hired a proofreader… they always find a way to get into your book!), and I won’t do it for all my books.

But I like reading my own books from time to time, since I write what I want to read and I have fun doing it! 😉 And since I write all year round and pretty fast, I never did NaNoWriMo and I’m not keeping anything in the drawer just because I wrote it too fast. I’m leaving there the stories that have no plot and make no sense because they were experiments at the time, but that’s all! 😉

I’ve written a few shorts for a couple of anthologies I plan on publishing within the next six months (one brand new and three more “recycled”) and then I want to complete the second Amazons book for this year. Next year I plan on writing all the Amazon stories, the next generation of Star Minds and then who knows. I like to improvise – not just rewrite (translate/recycle) old stuff! 😉 And maybe one of those shorts might end up in Wyrd Worlds 2… Stay tuned! 🙂

Now, back to writing… have a great week! 😀

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