Sunday Surprise

So, I skipped August, and in spite of the list of guests, I thought I’d restart the “WoW Sunday”, which, for the newcomers, isn’t what you might think, but Words of Wisdom or Writers on Writing – a collection of five writerly quotes. Which goes well between writers’ interviews, don’t you think? Here’s this now monthly feature for your eyes only – five writers’ quotes.

Don’t buy into the myth that writers are a dime a dozen. There is only one you. As long as people crave stories, as long as we need books, we are going to need writers. These days there are so many more ways to publish and so many more ways to connect to the readers. The future is bright.

–  Agent Wendy Lawton @ Books&Such

That is what I have been saying now for a year, and it scares hell out of me to have a major publisher agree. And base his very survival and the survival of his company on being right.

I had honestly hoped I was going to be wrong. I still do, because in my opinion, the best writer is a writer who has choices, who can move into a future and write what he or she wants, and sell it either directly to readers or to a publisher. That is how it is working for me and Kris and Mike and Barry and Joe and a number of others who follow here. We haven’t gone knee-jerk indie or defend-the-fort traditional.

The best is using both indie and traditional at will. The writer’s will.

– Dean Wesley Smith

I am not one of your professional patriots, you must understand. I am not a flag-waver (I don’t even own a flag) and I eschew nationalism. I’m a globalist, who believes that human beings should not divide themselves into any divisions less than “human being.” Let everyone be merely different facets of an overriding humanity.

– Isaac Asimov

I have this strange feeling that if writers spent more time on their own craft, and less time worried about how others do things differently, there would be a lot more good books being published from all directions.

– C.S.Splitter (R.I.P.)

My advice to any writer who plans to be published whether its self or traditionally: start networking NOW. Don’t wait til your book is published. Don’t wait til you have a deal. Start talking to people, start being friends and care about others around you. Draw them into conversation and encourage them. It pays back in so many ways and you know what? It makes you feel good. Because being good to others – knowing that you made someone else smile is way better than just one sale. But the real point here is that – if people like you and genuinely care about you – they will be interested in your writing.

– Cambria Hebert

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