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Seems Kobo is running a sale – 50% off sale (it runs through the remainder of September with code Sept50 in the cart). I don’t have a Kobo reader, so I don’t know… But it comes handy, since I have a new title out – well, if Kobo makes it “live” in a timely manner, that is. Like Smashwords, they’re expanding and hiring, so it takes longer to publish with them.

I wanted to announce a new title, but unfortunately I was knocked out the whole weekend with a sore eye – which didn’t allow me to stay at the computer for more than five minutes. Not to mention that the text needed one last reading pass, formatting and then upload. So next week, sigh.

I will then share news from writer friends – this is for my screenwriter friends, mostly. Two years ago at a workshop on the Oregon coast (you can guess by who), I met a writer who specializes in Amish fiction.
Four years ago, I signed my first book contract. It was part of a sweet series set in various real towns all over the U.S. put out by a young publishing company called Summerside Press. As my agent went through the contract with me over the phone, she came to the part about movie rights, and I laughed out loud. Me? A movie. Psssht. Like THAT would ever happen!
And then it happened! She’s now currently on the set of the movie based on her book! 🙂 That’s why I’ve given up writing screenplays and went back to writing prose – one day a producer might find one of my books and decide to make a movie out of it…
Here’s the thing: I absolutely knew in my heart that my little Amish book would never see the light of day as a movie. The mere thought was totally ridiculous. My contract could have given the publisher all movie rights and I wouldn’t have cared because the possibility was too remote. It was my first book with a “real” publisher. At that stage of my career, I would have signed ANYTHING if it meant getting published.Moral of the story: Every word of a contract is really, really, really important because no one can predict the future and NO book should be viewed by the author as a throwaway.
So that’s total wisdom from a writer who made it! 🙂 Now I’m eagerly waiting for the DVD to come out so I can watch a movie based on a friend’s story! 🙂
Also, I have another friend looking for work. If you’d like to have your stories translated into Italian and taste that market, contact me, and I’ll put you in touch with her. I have no idea of her prices or how well you could do – like I said, Italians don’t read much. But most of my sales on Kobo are in Italy, so things are changing! 😉
Eye-doctor (a.k.a. Da Oculist) sez I’ll have to stay put for at least 7 days, so I can’t spend too much at the PC – the white screen kills my left eye. I can write (the paper doesn’t hurt my eye as much as the screen does), so I’m jotting down ideas longhand, but I have to limit my time online. I will add the writerly links next week (when hopefully I’ll feel better, if not healed) and sign off. Don’t worry there are posts scheduled, you won’t miss me! 🙂 Have a great week (I’m spending mine in the dark, brainstorming with myself and trying not to panick at the ideas accumulating, LOL!)!
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  1. Get well soon 🙂 Congratulations to your friend. The Amish have always fascinated me and a movie on their lives could be something interesting. I watched one, years ago, but it was more of a romcom, and I don’t like the genre – so I got bored. I’d really like one that balances the pros and cons of their cloistered community…


  2. Hope you’re better soon!!


    • I will put another title up, even if it takes me 4 days instead of one! 😉 Tomorrow I’ll start doing a final check (I can read on paper, it’s the screen that hurts – I’m typing staring at the wonderfully black keyboard, hehe) and then format and upload… I shall overcome! 😀


  3. I hope your eye feels better soon! What made it start hurting?


    • I don’t know, it usually starts with a sting during the night. Sometimes it just goes away, sometimes it lasts a few hours, sometimes a couple of days. I always thought it was conjunctivitis or something seasonal (it usually happened in spring), but then turns out it’s keratitis. The hospital said it’s viral, my oculist says it’s not. I don’t think they know either way… 😉 It’s slowly passing – I don’t mind the days off DayJob, except I can’t really do my own work. At least not at the computer. So I’m writing longhand and in the afternoon – when I feel better – I try to draw… it will pass… 🙂



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