Random Friday

Total randomness… this interesting campaign in India about women. I guess Laxmi is right, lots of people will disagree with this depiction of goddesses. I think the message is clear, though. I’ve read bad stuff about women in India – both Westerners and locals. Means I need to travel with a  bodyguard whenever I manage to make it over there! 😉 I’ll have to cajole my friend who often goes to India (because he’s a man, so he can) into coming with me! 🙂

I shall continue the randomness with some form of Art Friday, although my book covers are not as good as my pencil portraits, LOL! As I was drawing #13, I realized the scene inside the chapter didn’t match the cover, so I modified it. This was the original cover:

Chapter 13

Chapter 13

This is the modified version:cap13covTXT_resizeI’m almost done with the inking of the whole chapter, then the hard part comes: colors! 😦 I’m using Photoshop 7 since I couldn’t find anything more recent. For whatever that old copy can’t do, I’ll use Photoshop Elements 10. Then comes the lettering, which is actually the easiest and 5 pages are already done, since there’s a lot of prose in this chapter (for the last time in this story).

Before starting on #14 I plan to do some experiments with digital paintings of landscapes – might be useful to paste in the two final chapters of S.K.Y.B.A.N.D.! 🙂 Also, I’m afraid this will be the last graphic novel of this length (330 pages when complete). I will do more comics, but they will be shorter. And probably plotless, like someone said in a review of Lady Ice (there’s one on Smashwords and one on Barnes&Noble that say almost the same thing – that free comic was an experiment to force myself back into drawing, and it served its point! ;)).

I’m also planning a couple of covers (like redoing Smeraldo and Kyrio in color) for a couple of short stories that will come out also in Italian. I might use those landscapes experiments to create the POD covers in October as well… lots of ideas popping in my head, I’ll have to line them up, lest I get lost in procrastination! 😉

One a final “art” note – I’ve ordered my calendars for 2014… as soon as I get the proofs, I’ll show you how they came out! I used Lulu again – at least for the calendars. I’ll be using CreateSpace in October for the new editions of POD books… Have a great weekend! 🙂

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  1. 330 pages of graphics!!! Wow! I could never do it. You have a lot of perseverance…a lot more than I have 🙂


    • My first graphic novel was 15 issues of 32 pages (I’ll let you do the maths). Then I have 2 of 150 pages and The Sweeties a.k.a. Mercenaries?! are around 500pages… And I have a few shorter one-shots in between! 😉 Started working on SKYBAND in 2009…


      • I can’t imagine doing even half of it. Graphic Novels…I could read them (never read any) but I can’t imagine myself doing the graphics for them. But you are a great source of inspiration for me.



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