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Lots of new neat thingies on Smashwords! First, the Smashwords Interviews feature is finally available for publishers. So you have both interviews with Barbara G.Tarn and B.G. Hope – and I used different questions! πŸ˜‰ Now, should I do also the “publisher” interview? Are there any more questions you’d like me to answer?

Second is the Smashwords Series Manager. I have one for Star Minds and one for Silvery Earth. Although for the correct chronology of Silvery Earth you probably better doublecheck on this blog, LOL! I’m not sure if this will improve visibility or sales, but we’ll see! πŸ™‚

One final publishing announcement – Choices finally made it to Apple. Gee, they’re slow! Also, there might be problems on Kobo, can anyone tell me if my books are purchasable?Β  Only try to put them in the shopping cart, don’t finalize the purchase! Since Kobo authors cant buy their own books, I can’t try (unless I try to access Kobo with my Facebook account, probably, but I can’t be bothered, LOL!)…

Still trudging through Amazons which will probably be a double book, since there’s another story that goes with it but doesn’t have Amazons as main characters, but I’m still working on that. Won’t come out until December, I think. Maybe November, if I’m fast. But I keep procrastinating by toying with the Star Minds Snippets.

I’ve written the last one, and now I’m thinking of doing a “novel” version where I put everything in chronological order and make it a prequel-novel. Or should I just leave the short stories and novellas mixed? Also, most stories last years and overlap… I try to stick to one POV character in each, but what if I just put everything in chronological order? A puzzle book or a normal episodic novel? Decisions…

Again, this is the freedom of indie publishing – writing what the story demands and the length it requires without sticking to guidelines. I don’t have (and never will…) George R.R. Martin’s problems of length (I usually am on the short side of stories), but still… Again, great wisdom in Kris Rusch’s business post! πŸ™‚

George paraphrased Tolkien by saying that the story makes its own demands. Both men are right: the story is the story, and it’s best for the storytellers to tell the story as it wants to be, not as publishing lengths and artificial deadlines demand it should be.Β 

Killing the sacred cows of publishing – Agents revised post by Dean Wesley Smith. Really, only one-book-wonders would want an agent in 2013. I hope my writer friends sober up – even if they’re not career writers like me and only want to publish a book or two. Might have to tell them the story of my friend who put her first book up on Kindle and sold 2 copies in the first few hours. I never did that well! πŸ˜‰ True she writes in Italian and for a very specific niche – if I wanted to get rich, I’d write either erotica or yaoi, but I’d rather write what I want instead, LOL!

Hugh Howey’s top 10 list of tips for self-publishers. I prefer “indie”, but I won’t nitpick the word choice! πŸ˜‰ Although at #6 he mentions agents. I’d change that with “IP attorney”. And also why you should self-publish – personally, I want to avoid all the paperwork involved with traditional publishers and I want the freedom to write my story the way I want it, without rewriting according to an editor. Like Hugh says

Remember that it’s okay to write and publish just to make yourself happy, to make yourself fulfilled. There will be authors out there, readers, publishing experts, and booksellers who say that this outpouring of unprofessional drek is ruining the industry, which makes me wonder if these same people drive through neighborhoods yelling and screaming at people gardening in their back yards, shouting at them that, “You’ll never be a farmer!” Or if they cruise past community basketball courts where men and women unwind with games of pickup and shout at them, “You’ll never make it in the NBA!”

Or, as The Best YOU says – watch me! πŸ™‚ Now apply your butt to chair and just write! If the internet is a distraction, turn it off. Have a great week! πŸ˜‰

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  1. Tried Kobo. It seems to work. They don’t have a “cart” thing, you can click “buy now” and it does go to a payment page.


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