Random Friday

Monday I was off DayJob, the weather seemed to be nice, so Techie Bro said we could do a short day trip (he’s the one who checked the weather, I honestly don’t care, haha!). So around 9.30 we headed for Orvieto – where he spent some of his compulsory military service in 1994 – where I remembered a painting (fresco?) in a church and wanted to see if I remembered correctly where it was.

It is – the Cappella S.Brizio painted by Luca Signorello. Except when I saw it (last century) it was probably a rainy day, so the chapel was very dark. On Monday it was sunny and it looked completely different! 🙂 This is the wall I’m thinking – see all those men in tights at the bottom, typical of Italian Renaissance? 😉 I didn’t dare snapping a picture inside the chapel since it was forbidden, so I’m not posting any, but simply linking to other places. The inside of the Duomo, though, I could take! 🙂

IMG_8525Then we went to Civita di Bagnoreggio, the “dying town” – except it’s now very much alive with places to eat with Trip Advisor stickers all over… And you’re supposed to pay an entrance fee as well. Anyway, it’s a neat little medieval town, except it has no inhabitants (in theory – I saw even advertizing for B&B services…). Here’s my picture of it.

IMG_8546Next we stopped in Ferento, but the ruins of the Roman amphiteater were closed. So we went to Sutri, and found a short archeological walk (since it was almost 6pm by then, we didn’t have much time left). Again, here’s a picture, so you know what I’m talking about.

IMG_8611I did 130 pics, with a lot of skies and clouds as well. Tuesday my legs hurt from going up and down those little towns on the hills! 🙂 I didn’t bring my camera to Massa (Carrara), so I won’t post any more pictures. Have a great weekend and talk to you next week!

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  1. Poor little Bagnoregio, makes me so sad! I want to go there!


    • It’s Civita that is “dying” – one bridge away, Bagnoreggio is doing just fine! 😉
      There were plenty of foreigners since it was a Monday, BTW… 😀


  2. thanks for sharing the pictures. I enjoyed that 🙂


    • I know, I should share more! 😉 I should alternate “art” and “photo” posts, LOL!


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