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RaptureWriterly update: short story by B.G. Hope out – from a Stephen King’s prompt. I had problems choosing a category. Is it horror? Thriller? Psycological thriller? I had no idea, hope the tags help the readers to find it. So if you’re looking for a story with a stalking wife and a husband victim, check Rapture – now on Kindle, Barnes&Noble, Smashwords and soon Kobo and US i-bookstore (since I’ll be away, just check the author page on those sites to see when it’s live – I won’t post the link here again). It’s short and not sweet (or it wouldn’t be a Stephen King’s prompt! ;)).

Writer beware of certain publishers. You’re better off on your own than with one of these…

I will be eternally grateful to Kris Rusch for her post on Career Writers. I know exactly what she means, even if I’ve been not published for 30+ years. I’m the only career writer in my offline writers group. They still stare at me as if I have two heads because I’m so damn prolific. They’re still stuck in the 20th century (okay, they’re all my elders, but still…). They’re still afraid of self-publishing (probably still feel it has a stigma or it’s too much work).

And that’s valid for all the writers I’ve met in real life (except the ones I met at Dean Wesley Smith’s workshop, of course – and he’s Kris’s husband! ;)). Lots of people who talk about writing, but never put their butt in the chair. Lots of people who have only one or three books in them and spend the rest of their time bemoaning how the world don’t get their literary masterpieces gathering rust in a drawer. Lots of people who don’t believe in themselves and their writing enough to let it go. Your choice, folks. Don’t bemoan to me, though… If you need help with indie publishing, you’re welcome. For the rest, keep it to yourselves, thank you.

I’ve also heard of people who rewrite after reviews. How professional is that? Write a new edition after a few years, especially if it’s an historical novel is fine, but “significant editorial changes” that prompt Amazon to send you an e-mail? I think Michelle is right to be confused about it (I buy mostly on Smashwords and my Kindle wi-fi is always switched off, so I haven’t received any yet) – indie authors should consider their publication final like a traditional publisher would make it. Move on, folks, I’m sure you have others stories to write without lingering on the old stuff!

David Farland on dialog tags – when I started reading I was grumbling all over, but when I reached the end of the post, I was grinning. Although I’ve heard British writers say that “he/she said is invisible while all other dialog tags are redundant”, I’m glad I’m Italian and I stuck to the Italian rule (where “said” is boring and practically forbidden, LOL). So I have a mix of both, and I certainly don’t sound like Hemingway, since I’ve never read him, haha!

You’ve probably heard of the new Smashwords Interviews feature. All good, except it doesn’t work for “publisher” accounts like mine. I’ve tried to change the questions so that they’d fit a “publisher” account, mentioning why it has a logo and not an author picture, adding a question about the pseudonyms, etc. But when I hit “publish” it came out as my username, not the Unicorn Productions page. And it didn’t show the list of books at the end, since all the books are under the ghost accounts and not the “publisher” (main) username…

At this time Mark Coker hasn’t replied to my comment (#23 of the above post), so I’m holding it back. Maybe next week I’ll post a version here, if things haven’t changed in the meantime.

Now today I’m off to my father’s hometown, and I won’t bring Laptop with me. I can write longhand and I’ll have my Kindle (and my cousin’s computer if I really want to check my e-mails), but I’ll be mostly offline until Sunday. So have a great week! 🙂

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  1. katyasozaeva

     /  28/08/2013

    You can republish on Smashwords, too. Most of the first books I edited were redoes of existing books to fix problems. It’s not too hard to do with e-books, so why not?


    • I think that kind of republishing is similar – obviously Amazon sends an e-mail when a file is updated (don’t buy from Amazon unless the author is KDP Select). And no, I don’t think I’ll do revisions, I still have a lot to publish (although Star Minds omnibus is cleaner than the single books, LOL!)! 🙂
      Besides, I hire Mighty Editors BEFORE hitting the publish button! 😀



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