Surprise Sunday

and no, it’s not writers on writing or words of wisdom or any other improvised post. If I stick to the calendar of this reality, I turn 48 today. Since I’m preparing a list of 50 things for my half-century, I thought I’d give a preview of 5, just to celebrate my own wisdom. Hey, it’s my blog and my birthday, so I post what I want! :) Here’s Barb’s wisdom for your soul/heart/mind! :D

5 things I know at this point in my life (that I didn’t know before)

You don’t have to give in to peers pressure. Seriously. Nobody should force you to get married, get pregnant, have sex, do things that you don’t feel like doing but you think you must do because everybody else says so. What if everybody else jumps off the cliff? Will you follow? That’s what I thought! :) Don’t be a lemming! :D

2009-05-23-LemmingsBe yourself. And remember – you’re great!

If you don’t love yourself, nobody else will. Be your own fan. Don’t forget to tell yourself how great you are. If you don’t, nobody else will.

Don’t try to fit in at all costs – who is trying to fit in with you? Nobody? Exactly. It’s okay to be different.

Happiness is… little things, really. Get rid of that envy, fear and hatred – it can only hinder you.

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  1. katyasozaeva

     /  25/08/2013

    Great post! Happy birthday!


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