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Published 23/08/2013 by Barb

So, I’ve finished the Tales from the Time Loop – I must say his views have evolved since 2002, when I first “discovered” David Icke, it’s now much more than a “conspiracy theory” – and I suggest reading this book to everyone. Here’s to a world without borders and filled with love.By Facebook serendipity I even found this picture!🙂

998588_232669333554570_2008938314_nAnd just for you, here are a few gems for David Icke’s book – again, recommended reading for everyone. And it’s not fiction.

We are what we think we are and we can do what we believe we can do.

We are not our bodies. We are not our brains. We are not our minds. We are not even our thoughts. We are the silence, the stillness between them.

Our limitations are only our sense of limitation. Free the mind of fear, doubt and the sense of limitation.

Live, love, laugh and be happy.

Don’t worry, be happy. It’s okay to be different. Let go of your beliefs and prejudices, be open minded, and everything will be all right!🙂 Stop spreading hatred and fear. Stop thinking you need violence to have something. Stop living in fear of people who are “different” – or stop coming to this blog, okay?😉

And then, if you’re a man, and a father, and you have a son, see if you can tell this to your boy when the time comes. And if you’re a woman, and a mother, don’t tell your son whose hormones are going crazy that “girls are all sluts” – they’re not. See if you can find a way to phrase the father’s speech from your female POV. Boys will be boys, but sometimes it’s also their mother who gives the wrong message – and then that’s why we might still need feminism. And sometimes women are their own worst enemy.

To a lighter reading subject, if you’re open minded like suggested above, you might enjoy this love story with a touch of sex. I’m not doing a real review, but since I liked it, I thought I’d spread the word. Open your heart and your mind and enjoy the ride!😉 And if you prefer fairy tales revisited with humor, you might want to try “Grønthildå and the Bream Stock“. It’s short and funny!🙂

1337Now, I don’t know what so special about 1337, but apparently WordPress decided to give me a trophy for that number of “likes”. As if “likes” sold books. They don’t. By the way, did you see the subliminal messages in the previous post? Not very subtle, I know. I had considered writing it in white, but then not even the subconscious would have picked it, LOL! Did it work? Nah. It was just for fun.

I’m done with Caran d’Ache drawings for this year, so I’m starting on S.K.Y.B.A.N.D. #13 – well, I’m doing the last covers first, and then I will start the new chapter. If you’d like to see what I’ve done in the pencils department, go to the DeviantART gallery. For a graphic novel preview, you’ll have to check back in a while – hopefully by September I’ll at least upload all the covers, even if I have still 3 chapters to draw!🙂

Also, I’ve decided to use Cristina’s artworks for the Amazon compendiums, so I did a couple of new covers myself – and you won’t see hers until next year. I still have a few stories to write, and then I can put them into 4 volumes with Cristina’s covers. Since she’s behind with her work, I don’t think she will mind!😉 And I’ve already used one image from the Getty Museum link  as reference, you can see the “flat” version on DA – more on that when I actually publish the book (which will be in September, so not a really long wait)!🙂

Now back to work… Next week is off DayJob, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet. Maybe just improvising!😀 Have a great weekend!😉

11 comments on “Random Friday

  • You’ve got a point there. Moms are often the ones who indirectly make the boys believe that they are better than the girls. I think if our society wouldn’t train the girls to be “girls” and boys to be “boys”, we’d be happier lot. We’d be more natural men and women. Yesterday there was a joker on TV (a lawyer – believe it or not,) who was emphasizing that if men rape women, it’s because women wear provocative dresses such as “jeans and t-shirts”. He said, its our duty to protect our “ladies” [sic] and protect their virginity by not allowing them to go about freely, dressed as they please.
    If this lawyer is an educated man, I have no hopes left…


      • Perhaps you are right🙂

        BTW, That joker was on the TV again – and he made the usually composed anchor lost her cool. She retorted, “You clearly have the mindset of a rapist.” I wanted to hi-five her. I hope they don’t show that idiot’s face again, or I’ll stop watching television. That psycho in a lawyer’s uniform says, “an Indian man won’t look at a woman with ill-intentions, unless the woman prompts him to do so.” Shouldn’t we all give a standing ovation to the oh-so-moral, oh-so-upright Indian man?


        • Goes well with that other article you sent me on Indian men and Western women… Don’t watch TV, I stopped years ago, I was sick of their constant bad news! Last night I was thinking to start a Facebook group when one can post only the good news!😀


  • I don’t know how that incomplete reply got posted. I wanted to add – Congratulations on the Likes. I think it’s a measure of how well you write🙂 I enjoy your posts and I also learn a lot from them. So thanks for writing this blog.


    • I normally don’t edit posts, but I did this just this time!🙂
      I still don’t know why people come to this blog (besides you and a couple more friends), but well… you’re all welcome, even if you’ll never buy one of my books!😀
      Hey, I should write spiritual non-fiction, might have more of a market, LOL!


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