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SMSDmindControl_resizeOkay, first the writerly news! Mind Control, the first two snippets, is out. Read about Ker-ris’s wedding and subsequent mind control by his beloved wife. Might entice you to buy Technological Angel, if you haven’t already! 🙂 buy the book, now!

Star Minds Snippets – Mind Control out now on Amazon, Kobo, Smashwords, Barnes&Noble and Apple US buy the book, now!

Technological Angel out now on Smashwords, Kindle, B&N, Kobo, DriveThruFiction and XinXii. buy the book, now!

Star Minds omnibus – all three books in a single edition on DriveThruFiction, Smashwords, (all e-book formats)  Barnes&NobleKobo (e-pub) Kindle (mobi) and POD (printed book) at Createspace. buy the book, now!

For your covers, more free art: Getty Museum’s Open Content project. I’ve been checking images for my historical novel (not that I’m any close to publishing it, but I stumbled on “costumes” on DeviantART and they made me think about it), and maybe a 12th century manuscript image on the cover will be the best solution – if I find one I like, that is. Or I can check Art Nouveau and early 20th century photos for inspiration. Or… well, you get the point. More at the bottom of the useful links for writers page.

Mighty Jo has gathered a number of title generators for your stories – just in case you really can’t come up with something. Like she said, it might just help finding the right title even if you don’t use what’s generated there. I might try to play with that sometime – since  I’m not happy with the next Amazon story title, I’ve played with a couple of those. And yes, I’ve found new titles, albeit not for current stories, LOL! 😉

Finally someone who says tell, don’t show! So, go ahead and tell your story, like I’ve been doing for 30+ years! 🙂 Since the link in the newsletter doesn’t work, please check Writing World‘s latest – Victoria Grossak’s article on “Tell, Don’t Show”. It’s not on the website yet, it’s issue 13:16 of August 15. Dunno why it’s not “live” yet… maybe it will be, by the time this goes live! 🙂 Worthy is also Moira Allen’s article on Lists…

Advice from the dear departed: Elmore Leonard – I probably already posted this years ago, but worth repeating. Personally, I follow only #9 and 10 and totally ignore the rest… Again, this is only if you need rules! 🙂

Kris Rusch gives us the biggest news of the summer. Yup, the Big 6 are going the way of the dodo. Writer, start rethinking your strategy! 😉 You don’t need anyone’s validation – except your readers’. And they will find you, if you keep writing and publishing. If you keep everything in a drawer, hoping to find validation somewhere else, well, that’s where your writing is going to stay for the rest of its lifetime! 😉

And if you need help in taking criticism, again David Farland’s wisdom might do for you. Follow your heart and don’t take anything personally. If someone didn’t like your story, one’s not your reader and you’re better off without that one. Don’t wonder if you should write for the market (publishers) or for yourself. Write what you believe in, and then put it out there – your readers will find you.

I write because I like to imagine and make up stuff. Thank God I grew up before the internet, before writing schools and all that stuff. I never felt the need for rules – I didn’t even know there were some for creative writing! In David Icke’s words

Only you know if it feels right to you or not, you don’t need some guy with a fancy title and letters after his name to tell you what to think. What does your heart say? That’s all that matters.

Don’t let anyone tell you how and what to write. You know what to write and how. Don’t let anyone do the thinking for you – own your brain, if you still think you have one! Have a great week! 🙂

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  1. A lovely post, Barb. May all your readers find you 🙂 Congratulations on publishing the second book in the series – Mind Control is an intriguing name – but this isn’t from the title-generator, is it?
    Off to checking one of the links in your post…writers on writing. I enjoy reading these posts – because what one writer confirms another negates.


    • No, Mind Control is not from the title generators. I have very clear titles for Star Minds and its snippets! 😉 It’s Silvery Earth that’s giving me trouble with titles… Yesterday I did a cover with a new title and this morning again I thought to switch back to the previous title – so don’t look the upcoming titles in the Silvery Earth’s chronology, they’re bound to change before publication, LOL! 🙂


  2. great links all – especially the getty one. Off i go to check it out and yay on the star minds prequel shorts 😀


    • At the bottom of the useful links for writers there’s more on how to use the Getty Museum images…
      And if you’d like to beta-read for the whole Snippets, you know where I am (they’re all ready, I only published 2 so far because I had them ready for a SW anthology where I ended up submitting something else…)



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