Random Friday

Veeery random. First, I’m falling behind with Choices because I’m getting lost in “research” – nothing new for me, but I’ve found a free PDF that expounds on theories I’m already familiar with. Unfortunately it looks like a scanned version of a printed book, and the software often doesn’t understand what is written, so some passages are unreadable. Add to this the calibre conversion (I’m reading on my Kindle) that flipped and turned upside down all the images, further mixing the content… maybe one day I’ll pay to read the actual books! 🙂 But at this time… I don’t have time, so I’ll get what I can from this.

I have my own (fake) conspiracy theory (I write FICTION and wouldn’t want anyone to think I’m trying to tell the truth or reveal secret truths) at the base of Star Minds, but it’s a mix of David Icke, Jeff Rense and Corrado Malanga (link in Italian) plus other things I’ve found on the internet through Chrystalinks or other google searches. It all started in 2002 with the first 3, but I guess now I’ve made up my own “reality” – throwing in some Nikola Tesla while I was at it. Conspiracy theories, alien abductions and domsday prophecies/apocalypse always made me curious.

But I still write FICTION (did I mention I write fiction?), so I like to make up stuff, mixing various theories and trying to supply the science that totally lacks from my fantasy! 🙂 I rarely write stuff happening on Earth these days for that reason – I don’t understand this planet, and I’m not looking for the truth behind it, I only want to create my own worlds. I enjoy being a creative goddess! 🙂 Yeah, sometimes my ego is as big as that. Then I get a reality check with my lack of sales and wonder if I should stop writing.

Don’t worry, I won’t. Even if I never find my readers, I’ll keep writing and publishing (new story out, but I’ll announce it next Wednesday, when it’s live everywhere) and making up stuff. But since I’m still in this dimension (3rd dimension or five-senses reality, whatever you want to call it), sometimes I might write a story about my views of reality, people and… choices. And I find inspiration also in the sometimes appalling comments of people who think The Onion is a real newspaper (like #8…) or The Onion articles themselves… I should watch that newspaper more closely, LOL!

2013tenWIP_resize Last weekend I did another drawing – and it’s a composite. Here you can see the two separate sheets, and on DeviantART the final drawing. I have 2 more Keanu drawings to do and then this year I’ll have done 12 and 12, so I can do the calendars with brand new drawings instead of recycling like I did last year for Keanu’s calendar! 🙂

So whenever I’m done I’ll head back to Lulu for another couple of calendars. In the meantime let’s hope the heat goes down a little, or I won’t be able to produce much! 🙂 Yesterday was national holiday in Italy, and I didn’t do much – mostly lay on my bed, thinking stories I’ll never write or reading the aforementioned book or other research articles. Today I hope to finish Choices so during the weekend I can give it a final pass and send it to the editor.

Tonight I might also drag my ass to the Isola Tiberina – if I’m not too tired or hot – not really for the movies shown (I don’t care watching Django Unchained dubbed on an open air screen) but because there’s some Bollywood dancing going on – apparently to celebrate India independence (how sweet, Ambili! ;)). But again, not sure I’ll be able to drag my ass there. If I do, I’ll let you know! 🙂

wallpaperSince it’s random Friday and yesterday I was in total procrastination mode, I even made a new wallpaper for Laptop (the “old” one has passed from on PC to the other since 2001, when I “doubled” the pic). So if you’d like to identify everybody… no, you don’t win anything, sorry! 🙂 Just have fun! 😉

Now, I can’t even find tags for this post, since I don’t want to drive people here for the wrong reasons… Maybe I should have taken a blog hiatus this summer… sigh! Have a great weekend!

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