Writer Wednesday

So, another week is gone! Chori chori, chupke chupke the long hot summer should get cooler soon (wishful thinking!)…

Regular visitors are down, but spammers don’t go on vacation, obviously!  Get a life, guys!


5 hours later there were 14 more. Now, probably there’s no real human being behind those, but still… creepy nanobots, stay away from my blog! 😉

I sure hope it gets cooler when I have my week off (last of August), so I can move around Italy a little, LOL! If it’s still this hot I’m not going anywhere, though. I might work on more POD books for a September release… or order new covers for an October release…

I’ve done a couple of covers myself, so hopefully soon you’ll get to see those masterpieces. This month I hope to publish the two promised Star Minds Snippets and Choices. In September, I will publish Amazon Sisters and a short story by B.G. Hope (that’s the cover I did on Sunday). So 3 covers by me and one by Cristina Fabris.

This must have been the week of animated blog posts. Here’s one for writers… and one for people like me, a.k.a. introverts! 🙂

A few more writerly links for you… The latest version of Killing the Top Ten Sacred Cows of Publishing by Dean Wesley Smith! Myth #1 – there’s only one right way to do anything in publishing (hint: not!). Myth #2 – writing fast is bad. Now, I’ve slowed down a little, but this doesn’t mean I’m taking years to write new stories. Yes, I’ve learned to brainstorm with myself more, but I’m still much of an improviser. And no, I don’t suffer of writer’s block. But you might still want to follow David Farland’s advice on that. I’ll stick to writing fast and furious and have fun and be happy with it! 🙂

Then you have to figure out what your markers are. I have never thought about mine – except writing and publishing whatever comes to mind and finding my readers – but I’ve added “selling your first short story to a traditional market” – although more than a mark, it’s an experiment. I have 3 months to carry it out, 2 places where I want to submit, and if they reject me, I’ll indie publish it anyway. I’m not wasting another hour trying to format my short stories to standard manuscript format – with rules dating from the time of typewriters, when younger editors these days have never seen one! Traditional publishing is really a dinosaur! 😦

Now I better go back to writing – and formatting the next title… stay tuned! 🙂 Have a great week!

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