Sunday Surprise

Since this week we had a Thursday post, I thought I’d skip Friday and do an extra Sunday, to space out posts… and it’s Bollysunday! 🙂 Or better – DugguSunday! 😀

Starting with Krrish3 trailer

English subtitles would have been appreciated… anyhow, I’ll hopefully be in London for Diwali, so I might be able to catch this on the big screen! 🙂 BTW, will anyone kill off Rohit, since that fake aging is awful? I mean, Guddu, really, we know your son is awesome, no need to double-bill him like that! Play the father, like you did at the beginning of Koy Mil Gaya, wear a wig if it makes you feel better, but forget the make-up artist and fake aging – waste of time and money! 😦

I don’t mind when Wonderboy Krishna is out doing his superman thing, I mean, I wouldn’t mind if Krishna was cloned – just get rid of Rohit! If you want Duggu to play two parts, split Krishna into the Good and the Bad, you know? Like in that Matrix Reloaded (fantasy) script  where there were two “Neo” (look for Gregory’s description) and not hundreds of Agent Smith (who wants copies of Hugo Weaving anyway? LOL!)! 🙂 You won’t need to hire somebody else to do the baddie… And I won’t sue you if you use this idea in Krrish 4, promise (although if you give me a shot  at writing the screenplay, I’ll be grateful)! 😉

Okay, enough drooling. I also ordered Guzaarish on Amazon, and finally managed to watch it. Euthanasia is also forbidden in Italy, since we’re a catholic country, so it was interesting  to see India’s version. Ungroomed Hrithik was great and in spite of the wheelchair, he manages to dance in dream sequences and flashbacks, so I’m happy! 🙂 Ash is Ash is Ash, so I won’t comment on that (not interested in women anyway, LOL!). It’s not among my favorites, but it’s not among the unbelievable-plot ones either! 😉 As an onscreen couple, I still think Dhoom2 is king, followed by Jodhaa Akbar, but that’s just me! 🙂

I might end this with a slightly different topic – not! Aryan Khan has grown up since K3G… let’s hope his dad steps back soon like Rakesh did (but I very much doubt it, LOL! SRK had an arrested development, he still behaves like 20 years ago – with a grownup son by his side!)! 🙂 Looking good, Aryan! 😀

Dear Karan Johan, can we have a sequel with the same cast? 😉 Ten years later… I’m sure you can come up with something, Karan, come on! 😀

That’s all for now – have a great Sunday and let’s hope this heat goes away ASAP! *sweating Barb*

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  1. Shame on me. I couldn’t follow half your post and I had no idea that Shahrukh’s son and daughter both take after him.


    • Well, I didn’t know either, until SRK posted this pic on his page! 😉 But I DO remember little Aryan in K3G! 😀
      And I know you’re not a Bollywood lover, so don’t feel ashamed! 😉


      • Thanks for understanding. I was thinking you might un-friend me for being so ignorant 🙂


        • You wish! 😉 You won’t get rid of me that easily, mwhahahaha! 😀
          p.s. have a look at the “alternative” Matrix Reloaded script, though – I wish they’d shot THAT one! 😦



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