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I’ve been thinking, since I’m rambling so much about my writing this summer, that one of the questions I still get a lot from both writers and non-writers is “Where do you get your ideas from?”. Since I write mostly fantasy, it’s obvious I can’t really write what I know, and besides, I love making up stuff – always did.

Mostly I use “What if” on anything I hear/see/read. In fact soon I’ll publish a short story prompted by Stephen King’s “What if” (it’s in his On Writing book – more on this when the time comes). It will be a B.G.Hope short story, since it’s supposedly set in the real world, with some horror undertone (or it wouldn’t be a Stephen King prompt, right?). Then there’s the occasional light bulb, that either sparks a new story or adds something to a pre-existent tale.

Example: I was discussing the next commission with great Chinese artist Phoenixlu, and her suggestion sparkled my imagination. My first reaction was “no, no, this won’t work, since it happens later,” but then… “What if… it’s foreshadowing of what will happen?” – and off I went to add a scene in the related Snippet. Which also added to “The Rogue Years” which is supposed to happen during Technological Angel and it will lead to the same ending, but through other characters’ points of view.

Now, for the writing updates! I’m almost done with the Snippets. Took me longer than expected, but I decided to add a couple of things and then I had to change the other snippets accordingly. And the story of Mya’s years in the Galaxy Police keeps getting longer – I like team stories and it’s showing her progress through the Galaxy Police, from assault team member to team leader and eventually the commander who will meet our heroes. The snippets all together are going to be an episodic novel, companion to the series! 🙂 Next week I’m sending off a couple to Mighty Editor Katy for an August publication, and the rest is for October. Just stay tuned! 🙂

Next I will go through Choices and edit it, so it will be ready for Mighty Editor Tricia and an upcoming publication, hopefully in a couple of weeks. I’ve also worked on a couple of older B.G. Hope’s titles, hiring an artist to redo a couple of covers. Please admire Awesome Shafali‘s work on my characters – hopefully the new covers will boost the sales! 🙂

covers4blogIt took me some time to update all the sites, and again I had the DRM problem on Kobo. I want all my books to be DRM-free, but on KWL if you upload a new doc or a new cover, it loses the metadata somehow and puts back on the DRM – that’s why I’ve been wary of updating files on Kobo. It didn’t do it on Ciaran&Harith, but it did on Johnny&Marian – which already had the problem. Last November they told me it was a bug they’d fix, but they obviously didn’t, so I had to contact KWL support again. I mean, on newer titles there’s no bug and they update, but the old ones that were stuck with DRM are still stuck. Still haven’t heard from them about the issue yet.

As for Kindle, at first it republished it with the old cover. Since I’d forgotten to update the interior with “cover art by…”, I resubmitted to KDP with new cover new interior. Then, since the old one kept popping up, I went to the KDP Community and found an answer to my question before I hit the KDP Help button:

If you go to ‘look inside’ as soon as you get the Amazon email about successful publishing, you will see that your new cover is there already.
It’s the thumbnail image that doesn’t update immediately, mine took about 3 days to replace the old one with the new one.

Aah. If only I had known sooner. Anyway, now all the new covers should be on. The only ones that went smoothly (except for me forgetting to update the actual ebook) were Smashwords and D2D (Apple and B&N). Nobody said being indy is easy, right?

Speaking of covers, a couple of links – Cliched Book Covers and Horrible Book Covers. Take your pick, LOL! If you have time to waste, you can check this readers survey – although it seems readers are only Kindle users from this. They’re not – and in fact a lot of people boycot Amazons, so… take with a grain of salt! 🙂

David Farland’s Light up the night and Kris Rusch’s Dreams and Bestsellers. Never wanted to be on any bestseller list, but I can understand how dreams are crushed by this brand new world of publishing. I sure hope all my writer friends wake up soon to the new reality and start producing and publishing their own works! 🙂

With all this writing and editing and whatnot, I didn’t have time to check more blogs or other links – only those I either saw on Facebook or on mailing lists or newsletters, so for more… next week. This should be an non-standard week of posting, so… just wait and see! 🙂 Have a great week!

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  1. Loved working on the book-covers. Thanks, Barb. I’ll check the links (Farland and Rusch), but after I share this post 🙂


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