Random Friday

So, Rai 1 doesn’t even know what it shows. I had found a title on another site with TV programs and it said an Italian title that seemed to refer to Humko Deevana Kar Gaye. Turns out it was Humko Tumse Pyaar Hai instead. Apparently they have the exact same Italian title, and since they’re both from 2006, it’s really impossible to know in advance what movie it’s going to be, LOL!

Anyway, I was sort of expecting Akshay, Katrina and Bipasha, and got Arjun, Ameesha Patel and Bobby Deol instead. I’m not complaining, since I’ve just discovered that yes, even hunky Arjun Rampal can dance, whoot! He’s tall, so a little clumsy (much like “Hubby Abi” Abishek Bachchan), but he can shake his booty! 😉 Ahem! The story – not bad, the usual triangle like in Main Prem Ki Diwani Hoon, which made me wonder: are best friends always so ready to give up their beloved even if they came first? Sigh. Okay, it’s a movie, not real life, got it! 😉

Now, the series is apparently already over, so I guess I can watch my own DVDs for the rest of the summer. I finally got my Amazon parcels, so stay tuned. I didn’t have time to watch any this week, since I was playing Auntie and toying with Star Minds Snippets (and waiting for all the e-books and POD to go live everywhere), but I will catch up on the To Watch list (luckily not as long as the To Read list – maybe I should spend more time reading, LOL!).

Someone is trying to steal my job – writing – BTW. Much like Da Muse two years agoHrithik is writing poems too. I’m not a poet, so good for them! 🙂 I don’t even “get” most poems, unless they rhyme and sound more like songs than poems. I stopped writing them in high school – unless you count those “song lyrics” in Best of Friends. But don’t they dare writing novels, or I’d kick them both out of my virtual casts for the time being! 😉 I’m the writer, okay? They have so many other talents, I don’t need them to thread in my backyard! 😀

Just kidding, guys. Write what you want. You’re celebrities, traditional publishers will line up to publish your works. Just remember somewhere in the world there is someone who writes stories with you in mind – and sometimes even turns them into screenplays, because, you never know, you might like the stories, and since you’re primarily actors, you might enjoy playing those characters! 🙂 Now, I haven’t sent any story with screenplay attached to Hrithik yet, but I did send one to Keanu two years ago – and I have more in storage, so… one day I might mail something again. One day. Maybe.

Ahem, sorry… I hope my 5000 readers have different interests from me. Besides, my books will always be cheaper than any traditionally published book, so if you’re short on money, check me, not the latest actor-turned-writer! (The only one I checked was Ethan Hawke’s first novel, last century, and it wasn’t bad…) Have a wonderful weekend! 🙂

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