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Hope you had a great weekend. The Kindle event is over – I bought 6 books and sold none. Even if people didn’t purchase on this occasion, I still have increased the visibility of my name and books, so let’s hope it leads to future sales. The Event page had a total of 665 views with a total of 1,333 clicks on the books, whoot! πŸ™‚ Waiting to hear from Tim Flanagan about the competition winner…

Don’t forget the other sale, everything 50% off on Smashwords until the end of the month – except the brand new book, Star Minds omnibus! πŸ™‚

Star_Minds_Cover_for_KindleYes, it’s out, at the moment on Barnes&Noble, Smashwords, Kindle, Kobo and Createspace. Wait for more e-book distributors and the combination of printed and e-book on Amazon – I’ll give all the new links next week. Reading the proof copy, I found and fixed some typos (nothing better than paper to do that), so apart from the wonderful cover by Phoenixlu, this is a “cleaner” and complete edition of the whole series.

Saturday I rewatched L’Γ©tudiante, since it’s the inspiration for Chantal (in 1982 I was back in Rome, so the movie is my only insight into La Sorbonne in the 1980s) and then I wrote a couple of new scenes for Shooting Star (Kol-ian’s stay on Earth) that are basically what happens in Technological Angel, but from another point of view. I thought it closed better the novelette – that still needs a major rewrite, but I’ll work on it this week along with the other Snippets that are already written, before getting to the new ones.

Also, I submitted 2/3 of Conall’s Sons to the Smashwords anthology, since the Snippets don’t really fit the guidelines – “to aim for the general SF/F market, so no erotica, bad language, etc.” . I admit I never submitted to general SF/F markets, although I did write a query letter for my first indie-published novel (that I ended up putting on Smashwords once I realized it was too short for fantasy standards, too unconventional and had even the F-word in it, so Daw Books would have rejected it anyway), so I didn’t realize I was going against the rules. I’ve been reading mostly indies in the genre, lately, and we don’t always stick to “rules” – I myself write adult unconventional fantasy (it’s not erotica, but it does mention sex and violence – I don’t always put the “adult filter on” in my stories, though).

So, I reread Conall’s Sons, took out part 1 and sent Giordano/Jordan’s story only. It sold only 9 copies since 2011, so I guess it’s as new to readers as any Snippet could be. And it’s a good introduction to Silvery Earth and its Magical Races, so… there you go. I also did some cover attempts for that anthology, which gave me ideas for the next generation of Star Minds, so on Sunday I started planning next year’s release. The Snippets will come out in the fall, the Next Generation in the first half of 2014 – so I’ll have a lot of stuff at Loncon (since it’s more sci-fi than fantasy geared)! πŸ™‚ If all my attempts are discarded, I’ll post one of the drawings here, and you can write your own story based on what you see…

Now, if you’re online reading this, you’ve also heard of J.K.Rawling’s latest exploit – how she wrote under a male pseudonym (Robert Galbraith) and then came out. That’s what traditional publishers ask you to do when you brand yourself – J.K. writes YA, how dare she write in another genre? Glad the truth is out. I’ll keep both pseudonyms for now (it’s not a secret that Barbara G.Tarn and B.G. Hope are the same person anyway), and keep looking for my readers. I’m not greedy, 5000 True Fans are enough! πŸ™‚

Now, a few writerly links for you. Kris Rusch on the global view – here’s to my growing little grove and readers finding it. Like I said, I’m not greedy. I can find 5000 kind souls among the 7 billion walking on this planet, right? 5000 English-speaking readers (don’t have to be native, I’m not either! ;)) who enjoy this brand new genre of “unconventional fantasy for adults who still like to dream”…

David Farland on showing, telling, making – sorry, I’m a cinematic writer, no amount of suggestions like this will make me add more specific descriptions… I write what I want to read, and descriptions clutter my “sight” – I skip them in other people’s books, so I don’t put them in mine (although a few beta-readers – who happen to be also writers… – beg for more setting in my stories. I’ve never heard from a real reader begging for more setting, though, so who knows). Go check the other writing tips from Dave – or subscribe to his newsletter! πŸ™‚

That’s all for now! Have a great week! πŸ˜€

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  1. Wow, I was sad to hear you didn’t sell any books during this event! 😦


    • Well, the page is still up, and like Tim said, it’s still a lot of exposure…


  2. Love that cover!!

    I haven’t sold diddly this month. Seriously, like five books on amazon all month… I haven’t bothered to check anywhere else…


    • I was looking forward to using that! πŸ˜€
      I sold 4 Italian titles on Kobo, 1 on B&N (before it removed all the books from Draft 2 Digital, this morning I found 30 something e-mails because they had sent all the ebooks to B&N again – I wonder if it happened because of that single sale, LOL!), 1 on Amazon (unrelated to the event) and some at the SW sale…
      Never mind! We’re here to stay anyway! πŸ˜€


  3. You’ll find your readers, Barb. I am sure of it. You have the perseverance that’s needed for success πŸ™‚


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