Writer Wednesday

I usually have these posts ready and scheduled well in advance, but I’m writing Tuesday night for Wednesday morning. Got busy with writing and research and went “Whoops! The blog post!” sort of last minute. So, I spent the weekend writing Amazon Sisters, and I decided to add a chapter from an old summary (I like to recycle old notes – althought there isn’t much left of the original, LOL), so I spent Monday and Tuesday afternoon on that. Now I need to go through the whole thing again and see if it works, then I’ll ask the usual suspects if they’re available to beta-read.

Today I’m meeting my offline writers group (in the middle of July! It’s darn hot outside! But it was so cool when we decided we could have one more meeting, sigh!) so I can rewrite and edit the story I want to send to the Smashwords anthology (a Star Minds Snippet) and hopefully next weekend I’ll manage to work on Choices so I can send that to betas as well.

3 days to go sharing picStill struggling with CreateSpace – finally got the new proof, minor adjustments needed, including the price of the POD book, sigh! – but hopefully next week I’ll upload Star Minds Omnibus and have the POD version ready as well. In the meantime, don’t forget this weekend Technological Angel is at 99c/75p on Kindle along with 2 more books of yours truly and 35 other authors of SFF – and there’s the BIG competition as well, so mark your calendars and don’t miss it! 🙂

Some links: a guide to critiquing a story from David Farland. Good advice from Moira Allen – it’s not all about you! No “speshul snowflakes”, remember? 😉 And here you have also 5 book marketing myths you need to forget (mmm, another book to add to the wishlist?):

Let’s face it, authors are often introverts and one of the worst possible things for us is cold-calling anyone. I don’t take phone calls in general and I have to psych myself up for any that I HAVE to make. I really prefer writing …

Yep, me too! 🙂 I so hate the phone that I was ready to go to the closest DHL point since I couldn’t find what I wanted to find online! 😉 Luckily the parcel got delivered without me wandering in the heat, LOL!

Now more tips to help your readers finding your work. I should really start submitting short stories to traditional publications before publishing them myself, LOL! Now before I publish all the Star Minds Snippets or when I write another Silvery Earth short story, I’ll have to look for the guidelines of Asimov and Analog and Indian SF and Writers of the Future… yikes!

And if you’d like to play with conlangs, check this guest on Joe Konrath’s blog. I had considered doing my language as a translitteration of English as it’s read in Italian, but ended up using Esperanto instead (both in Silvery Earth and Star Minds). Esperantists don’t mind and a bilingual person would have thought I had cheated anyway! 😉 So ai didnt invent e lenguege bat ai iused Esperanto! 🙂 (nice translitteration, huh?).

Last but not least stuff you might want to put on your blog. 1, check (under Find My Stuff) 2, check (same) 3, check (Silvery Earth Chronology and Star Minds) 4, nope – no questions asked… 5, check (About) 6, check. Now for the other things…I’ve added #3, just in case. I doubt many readers come to my blog anyway – but if they do, these Writer Wednesday are also for my writing progress, so… no wordcount widgets! And I have already too many books out to put them on the sidebar, LOL! 🙂 Have a great week!

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  1. I seem to be constantly behind in my tasts recently so I know exactly what you mean. I was recording my vlog for yesterday last night!

    That’s interesting to read about your experience with createspace. I’m thinking of using them myself.

    And cool to hear about Technological Angel on Kindle! I just published a book to Kindle myself so it’s all quite thrilling.



    • I still prefer Lulu, but I haven’t sold much there. We’ll see if having a POD version with CreateSpace will increase the sales (in which case I’ll have to move a dozen books from Lulu to CS)…
      I’ve been publishing on Kindle for 2 years now – even got my first royalty check! 🙂


  2. “…Let’s face it, authors are often introverts and one of the worst possible things for us is cold-calling anyone. I don’t take phone calls in general and I have to psych myself up for any that I HAVE to make. I really prefer writing …”

    YES!! Nice to know I am not alone – so many writers I know seem to be social butterflies and just love all this publicity/talking crap so I always feel like a freak…


    • Let’s do a group blog called “the anti-phone writers”! 😀 It’s okay to be different, LOL!



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